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    Re: Re: Re: I need to vent...

    Originally posted by BlueDamsel
    Actually, Benny, in Texas, the word for all sorts of soda pop is "Coke"...

    An example in a restaurant:

    What would you like to drink?
    A coke.
    What kind?

    *or*..."What kind of cokes y'all got here?"

    Yeah, I know but I didn't want to have to explain that one. Both a fairly common there.
    It's still weird by the way.


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      Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN
      Is Nazi german any different than German?
      The language isn't but their ideals are


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        Re: I need to vent...

        Originally posted by muse
        The other day I saw an international site and it asked me to choose one of two languages; there was a French flag and an American flag. Now, please, tell me the name of the language. I it is ENGLISH. Not American. And it set off a chain reaction in my head which makes me want to vent. First off:

        Words such as 'coloUr' and 'honoUr' need a 'u' in them. The word looks wrong without it.

        'GrEy' is spelt with an 'e' and not an 'a'

        The word 'schedule' is pronounced as if you were talking in German. When it is pronounced 'sked...' it sounds disgusting.

        And this one, mainly for the Bush family: there is no such word as 'misunderestimated'.

        There are many more examples...I just want to say that the language is ENGLISH. It's our language and we'll lay down the rules. Thank you for your time.
        Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.
        Go Broncos, Capitals, and Orioles

        Thanks SNK16


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          By the way, what is with the weird lettering in your sigs?

          Blue has:

          PtsJkSShrpALel ~ LCous ~ T++T+~m13~^sp^p!~AnTr!!!!!!!!

          And Nola has:

          ~DBMAdsf Llaus @T m0 P^~

          And RC has:

          Db~ Lneus~ @t~ &t~ m0~p^~ ^s

          Is this some kind of secret code? LOL

          "Gateway leading to the AFC West"


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            Originally posted by antd700
            The language isn't but their ideals are
            When was the last time you visited Germany? Their ideals are still nazi-istic? Are you a retard?

            The ignorance that our country shows astounds me sometimes...


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              stl--it's broncocode do a search for it.