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man saves dog with mouth-to-snout action

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  • man saves dog with mouth-to-snout action

    Man saves dog with mouth-to-snout action
    The Associated Press
    Article Last Updated: 03/11/2007 05:44:25 AM MDT

    OMAHA, Neb.- Lucy was drowning and turning blue, so Randy Gurchin recalled his Air Force training on mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
    It didn't matter that Lucy is a 10-month-old English bulldog, because he and Lucy are "best buddies."

    "Once you get a pet, it's truly part of your family," he said. "You just tend to do whatever it takes to save their life."

    Lucy had jumped into a partly frozen lake in pursuit of ducks and geese, but the water was too cold for her.

    When Gurchin edged onto the ice and pulled Lucy out of the water, she was unresponsive and her face and paws were blue.

    He closed her mouth, put his mouth over her nose, breathed air into her lungs and pushed on her chest, and after about a minute she began shallow breaths.

    He drove her to a veterinary clinic, where she was immersed in warm water, given injections and placed in an oxygen tent.

    By Friday, a week after her ordeal, Lucy was back to normal, said Gurchin, a pilot who retired from the Air Force two years ago.

    that was some quick thinking on the owners part.

    on the other hand what in the hell was the owner of a pup doing with the dog by the lake and obviously not on a leash.

    its a good thing the dog survived but a mistake that shouldnt have happened for the young pup.

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    I would do the same for, this mutt also, in a minute and not even think twice about it.

    Adopted player Lindsey


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      besides if I didnt and Red found out I could of saved him with mouth to snout then she would kick my ass.
      Adopted player Lindsey


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        I would do the same thing.



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          I would do that to save my dogs life.

          My dog is old and has hip problems so he gets cramps a lot of times and I have to massage his legs and stuff.