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  • Friends...

    No, not the TV show. I've been wondering: Whats the longest you've guys been friends with someone? Since elementary school? High school College? The nursing home?

    See, the reason I'm asking is that I really have a hard time mantaining friendships. I hardly talk to my college buddies anymore and I never bothered to make a high school reunion.

    I have friends at work, but I know once I move on to a different job or just flat out retire, I wont keep in contact. Its sort of depressing. My social life these days basically revolves around my family and my job...I dont have any "independent" friends or acquaintices, all of them are somehow attached to my kids and wife.

    Now that I think of it, it does suck. I cant go out for a night on the town...because I just dont know anyone.

    Ah well had to vent. Any comments would be appreciated. Even a friendship for dummies link
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    good luck finding friends


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      After 16 years I split up with my gal, moved back to Denver, and guess what ?

      My friends were still there for me.

      My advice, make time for them, keep in touch, go to your reunions.

      Friends are priceless.


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        my oldest friend is from elementary school...... I am in my mid 20's now.
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          It's wierd. I was born with a friend. My brother was friends with his bro. We've been real close for life. Just try to be funny. That's how I (try to) get friends.


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            Not counting my wife (my best friend), or my babysitter (a friend from work who now works for me in that capacity) I have two really close friends.

            One was the best man at my wedding, and I have known him since he was 3 and I was 2.

            The other I have known since I was 15 and she was 14, and she is great.

            I am getting better about making friends, but not everyone has a large or even small circle of consistent friends that do everything together all of the time. And that's ok.

            My wife says I need to try harder to be more social, because she thinsk its unhealthy that she occasionally goes out with collegues for lunch or something, but I never do. I just like hanging with my little girl, who is also like my little buddy right now.

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              14 years.

              Long time high school friend...worked together....joined the service together....lived together......moved back to Denver after the work together again./////

              Oh really only have one true friend in a lifetime. I am married and there is a difference in a "best friend" and a "trun friend"

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                I have my MOM and DAD,they have been friends with me my whole life.


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                  no firends .
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                    Originally posted by Saddletramp
                    no firends .

                    I think it depends on the person...but it is never to late to get in touch with someone from the past!!! I have friends from every phase of my life, and I am getting new ones every day!!! I maybe love to much and too easy, and it is different for females, but it is important for everyone to have someone to call and say...hey to...even if it is just...what's the weather like in your corner of the world...or...what should I do about my son's basketball coach!??!

                    We all grow and change over time I guess and our friends will do the same...and we will grow appart...or closer together through that, but in the end...when it is all said and done, it doesn't really matter how many we is how we feel about ourselves and what we are leaving behind!!! A persons life isn't measured by the number of friends they is by what they do with the life they are if you don't have a bunch of friends...does this make you a bad!!!

                    Did any of that make any sense...should I go to bed now???

                    I guess..........If you want to have more people in your life for you...then I say go for it, but don't feel that you are a bad person for it!!!


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                      The friend I've known longest would be my Sister... but we weren't really friends until she moved out when I was 16... 8 years ago.

                      My Dad is one of my best friends... but we really became close right around the same time (always loved each other, but we have so much more in common now).

                      I guess based on the meaning of the original question, my best friend Gabe and I have been friends since 7th grade, but became close halfway through 8th.... so 10 years, roughly?
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                        My longest technical friend is from 2nd grade... we don't talk much anymore, but we both have the understanding that regardless of how much we talk we are still friends and will always be there for each other.

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                          I met my best friend when i was 10..i'm 26 now, so it's been a lil while.

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                            One of my friends grew up with me, not a family member, but i occasionally see him, not as much as i use to.

                            I hang out more often with my friend that i knew since i was 12.


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                              My best friend, Ive know since 6th we were 11 or 12? And Im 24 now..We had so much fun together in school. We are both married now and have kids. The hardest part now though is that she moved like 2000 miles away. I talk to her almost every day though. She is coming to visit in 12 days ~ .. Its funny... she said she married a male version of me.. lol... Hes a Bronco fan and everything.

                              The weirdest thing is we have the same Birthday.