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I'm back!! Missed you all!

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    Great news! Very observant of your brother-in-law. Catching it early probably minimized the surgery. Prayers for a quick recovery.

    Welcome back!

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      Wow. I bet everyone in the family was just a nervous wreck. It is soooo nice to hear a happy ending. :clap:

      Welcome Back. :wave:

      I just got back from a vacation myself. Trying to read up on all the gossip I missed.
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        Originally posted by Missin#7
        I know its been a good few weeks since I was really here. I have checked in now & then, but LIFE has been, well crazy & might I say a roller coaster...........

        My only sister has a 2 yr old daughter - for the last 3 wks, since the Dr told us the baby had a tumor over her right eye - most likely the size of a golf ball - We have been on pins & needles!! I am sure others have been through similar things.
        We have prayed for no cancer & the the surgery to go well.

        Well Tuesday my neice under went surgery where they did remove a larger tumor & did a skull scrape.

        Today we learn NO CANCER! The baby will be fine & there is no other treatment expected for her. Tumor is gone & we can not be more thankful!
        *Wonderful* news 7! It's really great to have you back... and intact!
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