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Happy St. Patrick's Day !

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    Originally posted by SM19
    I had a green beer tonight. I didn't want to, but I would have felt bad about drinking a Carlsberg on St. Patrick's Day if it wasn't green.

    I also had a pint of Guinness. First Guinness I'd ever had without dropping a shotglass into it. That's some good beer.
    I'd have to have several shots first in order to drink Guinness.
    Corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot now....waiting to be eaten.
    Had several beers already.

    Went out to get my first pair of glasses today, and drove by an Irish pub at 10:30a.m..... it was already packed. Years ago, I would have loved to been one of them.

    Ever drank your beer at room temperature? Isn't that how it's served often in many European countries? Hard to imagine for me, as the colder the better for me.
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