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    good for you, heather-- that's freakin' awesome! i'm glad you had some good luck. . . .

    oh, and i'll be out on friday-- can you pick me up at the airport?

    Officially Objectified by the GPA

    rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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      Originally posted by orangenblue420
      I cant tell most people around me - and you can figure out why in a sec - but I have to tell someone so Im gonna tell you guys

      I WON $2500 PLAYING THE SLOTS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      As most of you know I have the worst luck in the world - well Fri night after work n stuff we decide to go to the casino - this time I actually wanted to go ( being totally plastered had something to do with that - LOL) so we go - I go up to a dollar machine (called Money Bags) and within 5 pulls I get 3 money bags - which is the FREAKIN JACKPOT baby) I totally could NOT believe it - this kind of stuff never ever happens to me - the most I won is a CD or tickets from a radio station and maybe $5 bucks on a scratch off

      I just had to tell somebody - its so hard to keep it a secret - and I have to or everyone around me will want a piece - and most of its going towards bills and buying the kids some clothes - Im putting some away for a big time vacation though

      Well I didnt do this to toot my own horn but I had to get it off my chest
      So Paula are you going to send Med his cut.

      Well to help celebrate your winnings, here is Doug Weight.
      NHL Blog at:NHL Blog by Medford Bronco!


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        Originally posted by LordTrychon
        Cinny at casino...

        Dealer... you have 10 sir...

        Cinny... I'll stay...

        Dealer... Sir?

        Cinny... I'LL STAY!

        Dealer shows his cards... Jack and an ace

        Dealer... Dealer has blackjack

        Cinny... CINNY HAS NINJA!

        Dealer... Sir?
        That would be about the time I would slip on my ninja hood and get dragged out by security.

        And why would I be calling myself Cinny in public?


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          Awesome, OB! I'm happy for ya :dance:. I can understand earmarking some of the $ for bills and stuff, but am really glad you're going to be able to spend some of it on a vacation and fun stuff Great news!


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            Originally posted by CinnaManMan
            That would be about the time I would slip on my ninja hood and get dragged out by security.

            And why would I be calling myself Cinny in public?
            It's just funnier when you refer to yourself as Cinny.


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              It's 8:00 AM at a gambling casino. There are two guys waiting at the Dice table for additional competition. A very attractive lady comes in and wants to bet one thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice. The other two agree.
              She says, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I'm not wearing underwear."

              With that she strips naked from the waist down. She then rolls the dice while yelling, "Momma needs a new pair of pants! YES!!! I WIN!".

              With that she picks up her money and clothes and quickly leaves. The other two just stare at each other dumbfounded. Finally one of them asks, "What did she roll anyway?"

              The other answers, "I don't know. I thought YOU were watching the dice!"


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                "Hey dude, i just won the lottory!"

                "What? really? have you told anybody?"

                "No, your the first one!"

                whack! hit him over the head with a frying pan

                -daniel tosh

                haha i love that joke

                anyways thats awesome

                I still miss the blue background.