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Raider fans can be SO sweet...yeah, right

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  • Raider fans can be SO sweet...yeah, right

    check it out.,00.html
    Orange/Blue Girl in L.A.

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    Nice, pieces of trash. People like that should really be tied to a tree and shot. Grr.


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      That's ridiculous. It's even worse that some of the idiots got off. I'm glad a couple of them will do time, anyway. Stupid Faiders fans!
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      "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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        Any of you surprised... Me either. Raiders fans are so ridiculous. Its one thing to be fanatical about your team, its another too to act like mindless human beings. I hope they get all that is coming to them.


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          and a WOMAN too! violence towards anyone is bad - but it's just insane to me that they beat up a woman.

          but yeah, i'm not surprised. raider fans can be SO classy. not.
          Orange/Blue Girl in L.A.


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            What a bunch of thugs. I'm not surprised though.


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              What amazes me is that other Radier fans, a lot of whom probably don't act like animals, are amazed and wonder why their fans have a reputation of being thugs.

              I mean, I used to go to the Vet, where they set up a courtroom in the stadium, and it isn't anything like THAT! Mostly just drunk belligerents, maybe the occasional punch. Severe beatings like that are just unheard of. And my god, what kind of man not only hits a woman he DOESN"T KNOW, but beats her with no provocation? Not that hitting your wife is any better, but that is a control and power issue. But someone you don't know?

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