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Just found a car... Saturn

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    Originally posted by Broncaholic7
    Wellllll....I had a 2000 and it didnt get anywhere NEAR 40mpg!!! More like 28-30 Highway. Be sure to change the oil EVERY 3k miles or it runs like Poop! Same with the tires...they gotta be Full at all times and rotated every 10k miles. Watch the curbs as well...the sub frame (or whatever) isnt really that strong. Be super nice to the clutch as well...mine went out after 9 months and there was only about 65k miles on it!

    IMO...I hate Saturns!

    But, you might have better luck!
    You're suppose to rotate tires every 10k (at least, depending on the tires) on any car, not just a saturn.
    And you have to change the oil on any car every 3-5k miles.
    And I would probably recommend watching the curbs in any car.
    The clutch on my saturn lasted 110,000 (we got rid of the car at that point) and that included 1 person who learned how to drive manual on that car.

    IMO, for the money, a saturn is as reliable a car as there is.

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      Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7
      I was driving by a local car dealership and it came right at me. A 98 Saturn(I think its a 2nd generation SC), not sure about the mileage, but it's a coupe, manual transmission, a few scratches here or there but other than that it looks fine. I couldn't see the mileage because it's one of those gay cars where you have to turn the car on to see the mileage.

      SOOOO... I really don't know ish about Saturn's, but I just read on that manual transmission Saturn's get 40 MPG, which is amazing.

      So other than that, how do they run? Are they dependable? How many miles should I expect out of it until it goes down the toilet?

      I heard Saturn makes good cars,my dad was trying to talk me into the Saturn Ion,they are "Nice Cars".I had a friend that bought a 92 and has had the car,is very happy with it and still have it until today,so i know that they are very depenable and is a gas efficient car.

      About 3 days ago I bought a car,I bought a 92 Buick LaSabre Green 4 door seems to run very smooth.