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What's your job and what do u spike?

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    Job: Medical student
    What I spike: My head on any hard surface I can find.


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      Occupation: College Student

      What I spike: My coke before hw time, my cell phone, computer mouse, copenhagen cans,


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        Job: Graphic Artist
        What I Spike: When I have a client come in for proofs I wait for their approval, if they signal touchdown, I immediatly perform a riverdance and throw the proofs into the air like a frisbee.. if they don't approve it's a five yard penalty and I'm back to my computer....


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          Originally posted by ballen
          Glad to see a couple of fellow Mortgage Brokers here. The way things are going lately NOTHING IS SAFE from spiking. I'm running out of stuff.
          Been a subprime Account Executive for the past 5 years...Now I spend my days reading thru Bronco forums. I'm thinking about picking up this laptop and spiking it through the wall! iaoij oikladsfj ;lnmjskvd/n


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            Originally posted by CAMERON
            job John Deere Sales Rep

            what i spike Customers that complain about prices
            My step father is also a John Deere Sales Rep .. ya from CO?

            me I am a warehouse superviser...

            What i spike... is there heads when they think theyll do what they wanna do when they wanna do it..

            i also work on a army base doing roofs...on the weekend
            What i spike is nails
            The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
            While he sits by his hearth at home.
            Quickly finds when questioned by others .
            That he knows nothing at all.


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              sprinkler installer

              what I spike.........Grass


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                Job: Chemist

                What I Spike: Na or K in a bucket of water.
                My Adopted Bronco is Marcus Thomas


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                  at my old job i spiked 5 inch projectiles from my big #@* gun!!!
                  GO ANGELS!!!!!!! signed torii hunter!!!


                  denver will go 7-9 this year and 12-4 next year and a 14-2 the following year and superbowl appearance by 2010


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                    Job: Student

                    I spike: My pencil after an "A"

                    Job: High School QB

                    I spike: The Football after a first down


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                      I am a student at a private school. We get laptops and a protective case in them.

                      We borrow textbooks and stuff it into the laptop cases and spike it. We throw it off the 3rd floor and play basketball with it.

                      We scare the hell out of the Tech guys but then when they find out it's just a spanish textbook and spanish workbook, they crack up.

                      But it's pretty fun to abuse something like that.

                      I tried spiking one today but it came up and hit my knee.


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                        job- local area air and water tester/advisor

                        what I spike- the water


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                          Originally posted by chargers_jersey
                          job- local area air and water tester/advisor

                          what I spike- the water
                          Ahhhh, finally we know why Chargers fans are so delusional!
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                            This thread has exceeded my lol o'meter. there are some classics in here.