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The Best Welfare Joke Ever!

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    Originally posted by Jared
    I didn't delete any of your posts, and there are no deleted posts in this thread.

    Please clarify.
    I apologize, I must of skipped over it this morning.
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      Originally posted by Jared
      FYI, my family was on welfare between 1980-1981, when my dad finished his degree that he cut short by going to Vietnam, and was unable to get full time work to support the family. He was bagging groceries and working a Sears catalog desk part time, but the economy sucked, and as a 35 year old college graduate he was 'overqualified' for many of the jobs he applied for.

      So, yes, many people on welfare find it degrading, shameful, and cannot wait to find a job.

      My dad has since been at his current job for 26 years.

      So, I'd say this joke is not only unfunny, it has no basis in fact.
      Jared... The statistics have to show recently that at atleast 80 percent of the people could get a job don't and choose there own path in life for what ever reason it is. Drugs, Alcohol, being lazy, etc.,

      I do not find the Joke to funny either.. but because of the joke itself.

      I am sure your dad was a great man and you have to do what you have to do to provide and support your familiy. That is why I like that Denzel washington movie about the heart transplant so much and was very emotional towards that movie.

      Life is what you make it... and your dad realized that and that is why he was unemployed for a year not 10.. Or getting a part time job so often just to get fired and collect unemployment all over. Some people even fake medical stuff and collect social security.

      I bet 20-30 percent of people whom collect on social security right now do not even need it.

      So I think it has basis's are in fact


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        Originally posted by Broncosinindy
        For every sucess story there are a 100 that go the other way....The system if used properly is a great system ... but people MANY people exploit it..

        thats the problem with this country everyone is so PC its sickening
        You not only made an eloquent point, my friend, you did so … so succinctly. For that, you should earn not one but TWO cp’s from the likes of moi. Well, suffer, since I cannot bend the rules here, you will have to settle for a mere uno (which is actually three, in that I have some seniority).

        Me, I kinda buy into the Darwin way of thinking: survival of the fittest. I’ve been down and out a few times in this life, but have (so far) managed to land on all four feet after the (fill in the blanks) individual crises.

        But, this was not the point of this thread, of course. It was about a spoof of welfare—well, more than that. It was just a spoof, with a welfare line being the situation, or backdrop (i.e. “sitcom”).

        The way I look at it (bottom line) is this: If you cannot laugh at your own personal foibles, then you should seriously “lighten up.” <is that an oxymoron?>

        I don’t know how many actual welfare people own a computer and are logged on to this very forum right now. But, I’m pretty confident that those who are (or may be) must have some sense of humor. To those who may be “offended” by GLF’s lame joke, the joke must have hit home. Hell, if you own a PC and are logged on here right now, you MUST be smart enough to get the hell off the welfare lines?!!?

        Are you not laughing because you feel the guilt?

        If so, reevaluate, baby. Become a member of the “guilt free!”

        It’s easy. Do the right thing, according to your individual conscience, and you can laugh at anything in the wake of your life and that of others.

        Now, Imos, on the other hand….

        I think he crossed the line, and private enterprise—not government—censured him. Which is the way it should be.

        I agree with the network’s decision.

        unkle buck
        Life, for me, has been an ongoing education. When Graduation Day arrives, my diploma will be my death certificate.


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          I heard one form my dad I think it goes like this.
          A man walks into the unemplyment office, the officer asks what are you doing, then the man says I want to be an artist, "I wanna draw some unemolyment"

          I'm not sure if thats it im tired.