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Do you like Kitty-Cats or Doggies better?

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    Dogs are Coprophagenics! (They eat their own poo!!!!)

    Kitty Cats are less work to own, and don't poo all over the yard. They clean themselves, and are just as affectionate as doggies.


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      Originally posted by JayCutler4MVP!!!
      You should be happy!
      It could be another thread you can get a Neg in
      I cant get that lucky
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        Originally posted by KCLadyFan
        saddle go find that thread cause I posted some
        pix of my pets in it...

        I would do it myself,but I'm lazy.
        went through 9 pages of threads for ya honey, finally did it the right way anyways here it is.

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          Heres a picture of my sisters cat(on the top) and then our kitten that we have(bottom):

          Thats a funny picture IMO

          I'll post pics of My cat and more of the kitten later maybe


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            Really dont care much for cats. You know what they say Dogs mans best friend


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              dogs have owners, cats have staff.

              They both have positives and negatives.

              Cats are independent and clean(but this can also make them aloof and arrogant)

              Dogs love unconditionally(but this can make them overbearing, and they can be co-dependent)
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