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I have been coughing for three weeks

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    Originally posted by His Wife
    If the cough is dry (unproductive), low-temp (99.0 or less), coughing fits....

    My guess is pneumonia.

    Be careful and take care.
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      Originally posted by Bronco_f1
      I even took some medicine to feel better, but it isnt really working. My throat was dry today and I am still not feeling well at all.

      I dont really have a fever, but I am tired all day and I am drinking much more water than I used to. What could I do to get better? does anyone know if there is any chance that I am having something else and not a simple cough, and what could it be?

      There was this one time it seemed like I had a cold for a month, but it was a stomach infection, once the infection got treated the cold went away. I know it sounds rare, but it happened, and I dont know if this is the same thing

      I dont know if you remember but a couple a weeks ago I was very sick..I prob coughed for a least a month straight.. The only thing that cleared mine finally was two prescriptions of antibiotics from my doctor.. I had borderline pnemonia though.. but you should go get checked out!


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        oh boy, It might be pneumonia I do have dry cough. Ummm, thanks for the advice, I really did not want to go to a doctor but I think I might next week if I dont feel any better.

        I am feeling better today though, my throat is sore, but no coughing . Still, I will see what happens this weekend