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If you won the Powerball. . .

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    If I won the powerball I would pay for all of my medical debt...I would set aside money for my medical debt to come so that it does not become debt...

    Pay for a new auto and pay someone to drive me where I want to go!!! Build my dream house and supply my art studio, and be a life time Bengals season ticket owner!!!

    Give my family everything they off their debts ect... and start a fund for all my godbabies for college...

    Go back to school and travel travel travel...

    Donate Donate Donate...I would not want it sitting around...what a waste when there are so many people in the world that could use it and need it more than me...after I do what things I want...I can earn a living!!!


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      - travel the world except the middle east cause it stinks there, i know cause ive been there!
      - i would build a house in denver
      - buy lifetime tickets to bronco home games
      - become a share holder in up and coming fortune 500 companies
      - i will never have kids so i wont have any lose ends to tie up for things like collage
      GO ANGELS!!!!!!! signed torii hunter!!!


      denver will go 7-9 this year and 12-4 next year and a 14-2 the following year and superbowl appearance by 2010