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If you won the Powerball. . .

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  • DawgFanatic
    move back to south america.....

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  • Dream
    started a topic If you won the Powerball. . .

    If you won the Powerball. . .

    What would be the first thing you'd do? Secondly, what would be the first five things you'd do or items you'd buy? Sorry for all these dumb threads, I'm just HAPPY.

    For me, I'd make sure my Grandparents, Parents were taken care of for life. They've worked hard for so long and where it's a typical answer, I'd definitely want to take care of them.

    1) Help my brother and sister out. Especially my sister and her kids, get some college accounts going and just help them enjoy life too.

    2) Start some sort of foundation. Contrary to popular belief, Dream is a nice guy and cares about people. Most likely it'd be a foundation or group that would help in particular children who come from broken homes, (divorce, etc.) and possible efforts to help better their lives and show them the meaning of family.

    3) Pay off all college debt. Not a whole lot of debt two years into school, but I'd make sure my debt towards schooling would be gone.

    4) Save and invest. Put what money I did have into bank accounts and part of it into the stock market. Play it safe and take risks. Best of both worlds.

    5) Play in the World Series of Poker. I've always liked gambling, and this seems too logical to pass up.

    Honorable Mention: Buy more lottery tickets, vacation and possible buying of a sports franchise.