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  • If you won the Powerball. . .

    What would be the first thing you'd do? Secondly, what would be the first five things you'd do or items you'd buy? Sorry for all these dumb threads, I'm just HAPPY.

    For me, I'd make sure my Grandparents, Parents were taken care of for life. They've worked hard for so long and where it's a typical answer, I'd definitely want to take care of them.

    1) Help my brother and sister out. Especially my sister and her kids, get some college accounts going and just help them enjoy life too.

    2) Start some sort of foundation. Contrary to popular belief, Dream is a nice guy and cares about people. Most likely it'd be a foundation or group that would help in particular children who come from broken homes, (divorce, etc.) and possible efforts to help better their lives and show them the meaning of family.

    3) Pay off all college debt. Not a whole lot of debt two years into school, but I'd make sure my debt towards schooling would be gone.

    4) Save and invest. Put what money I did have into bank accounts and part of it into the stock market. Play it safe and take risks. Best of both worlds.

    5) Play in the World Series of Poker. I've always liked gambling, and this seems too logical to pass up.

    Honorable Mention: Buy more lottery tickets, vacation and possible buying of a sports franchise.

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    move back to south america.....


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      1) Completely fix up my house exactly how my parents want ever aspect of it.
      2) Pay for both of my grandparents condos, until they decide to sell one.
      3) Figure out a way to teach my sister to stop being selfish, and stop being spoiled.
      4) Pay for my schooling.
      5) Put money away for both of my sisters to go to school.
      6) Donate.
      7) Donate.
      8) Buy myself a car or two... get my dad his Caddy and my mom her Jag.

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      All you nooby dooby doos need to stop making stupid threads.:coffee:


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        If I won the lotto, I'd do this stuff:
        1) quit my job. I love my job, but if I'm rich, who needs to work?
        2) go buy my mom a house
        3) have kids (see #4)
        4) put my kids on the waiting list for season tickets for the Pack
        5) buy a mercedes
        6) spend the rest on burritos.


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          10 mil to every family household.

          Invest it.

          Say screw you school.

          Live off my interests


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            i'd rent some prostitutes and have a great weekend in a motel.


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              Glad you are happy today Dream!

              What would I do.....hmmmmm.....

              1. Pay off my parent's house/credit cards/cars. I would then buy them both their dream cars and then give them enough money to live their lives without ever having to work again.

              2. Pay off my college, my brothers, and set up a fund for my sister's college bills.

              3. Give money to my sis and mom who have an idea for a charity.

              4. Buy a new Infinity G35 (I had to splurge on myself once ) and some programs I need for school.

              5. Invest the rest.


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                1.) What ever my fiance wants (the wonder woman in my life)

                2.) What ever my Mom wants (the other wonder woman in my life)

                3.) Donate to the D-Day museum (They need some money to rebuild)

                4.) Donate to an orphanage or to kids/mothers from an abusive household (something in that nature)

                5.) Donate money to kids who are too poor and are unable to play sports


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                  I'm loving this thread man.

                  1. I don't have a whole lot of family anymore for various reasons, but I'd make sure my father was taken care of. He always did things the hard and honest way and continues to do that even to this day. I'd make sure I took care of him any which way I could.

                  2. I'd open up my own Italian restaurant somewhere in New Jersey. I've always been a fan of cooking and always liked the idea of running my own place to eat.

                  3. I'd look into buying a sports franchise. I don't know what sport. I'd have to give that a lot of time, thought and study, but I'd look into as many possibilities as possible. Maybe Al Davis would be interested? Kidding.

                  4. I'd establish a charity for lower income Italian kids to get their life on the right path. There's a large number of Italian youngsters in various places in New York and New Jersey who drop out of school and never get the proper education they need because the risk of stereotype. I'd try my best to make it stop.

                  5. Mhm... what else could I do! I'd just give myself the most comfortable lifestyle I could give myself. That'd include buying me a nice car, house, vacation house, maybe my own private jet for whenever I travel long distances. The possibilities are endless with that amount of cash.


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                    Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
                    i'd rent some prostitutes and have a great weekend in a motel.
                    lol i hope your joking........why pay to get aids ??


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                      Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
                      i'd rent some prostitutes and have a great weekend in a motel.
                      some 15$ ones. And then spend the rest on KFC and candy.


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                        Originally posted by DawgFanatic
                        lol i hope your joking........why pay to get aids ??
                        yeah i was joking.

                        screw that man.

                        i would never even think about doing that.

                        but if i really won the powerball

                        me naturally i always care for the elder so i would send money to my grandma.

                        buy my mom a house and what ever the hell she wants.

                        buy a new house with an indoor basketball court inside for me so i can scream hibachi on the top of my voice and pretend to be agent zero.

                        Get all the shoes,cloths,ect i want.

                        theirs a lot of things i would do i cant even think.


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                          Buy my parents anything and everything they ever wanted or will want.

                          Find myself an enzo ferrari and buy one of those bad mothers. or a bugatti veyron. or both. Then a house.

                          quit school, get a financial advisor, invest all that other crap.

                          Help out my aunts and uncles (buy them house and other junk)

                          Buy Psychostick a tour bus. (a kick-ass band that's unfortunately touring with 6 other dudes, in a cramped van)

                          Donate to various charities.

                          Get a couple of my friends a car.

                          Start up my own record label so i can start cleaning up the music industry scum.

                          Buy a Modulus Q5 bass, with an ampeg SVT-4 pro amp, and an ampeg cab. So me and my friends can get our band started.

                          And get my bandmates some kick ass gear as well.

                          Save about a million and put it into a bank account specifically for gambling away.

                          Like Dream i've always wanted to play in the world series of poker.
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                          We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon:


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                            Originally posted by Dream
                            What would be the first thing you'd do?
                            ..............Pass out.................
                            "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

                            John Stuart Mill (Look him up )


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                              Originally posted by His Wife
                              ..............Pass out.................
                              Probably the most realistic answer yet.