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VA Tech Killer-seriously messed up

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    Originally posted by MasterShake
    While I hope your wrong, I can see your point. Personally, I think we are just going to be more leary of reclusive loners. I really haven't heard too much being made about the fact that he was Asian, other then everyone was surprised that he WAS Asian. My first thought when I heard about this was some crazy white kid again. It just goes to show you why racial profiling doesn't work, and everybody is capable of horrible things.
    Right on target, MasterShake. I was also surprised that he was Asian. Goes to show how we all "profile" peeps.

    My first guess would have been a crazed white guy, since they seem to fit the "profile" of doing mass killings, then shoot themselves in the end.

    Whatever the case, it was a dark day in America--especially for the victims.

    In the end, however, he was just an individual...who happened to be of Asian descent.

    Being criminally insane is an equal-opportunity persuasion.

    uncle buck
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