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Alec Baldwin - Father of the Year!

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    Originally posted by Superchop7
    ---------__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________-

    You are in an abusive relationship.

    You may be close, but the owes you an apology.
    I don't think so. To me, being cursed at and called names and all that, doesn't really mean anything. They're just words. That's why I never understood people that don't like profanity because to me they're just words that mean absolutely nothing. But again, that's just my opinion and I know that to most people it's more than that, but that's how I feel about it, and honestly i wouldn't change anything about how I was raised because it's made me the person I am, and I happen to like myself.

    EDIT: I just wanted to add to Shannie; I feel bad for what you had to go through and I wouldn't wish anything like that to my worst enemy.
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      Originally posted by BleedforBroncos

      EDIT: I just wanted to add to Shannie; I feel bad for what you had to go through and I wouldn't wish anything like that to my worst enemy.
      Don't feel bad for me...

      That isn't why I said that!!!


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        Good news to parents !!!!!!!!!!

        Yell and cuss at your kids all you want !!!!!!!!

        I told you it would be OK, they don't care.


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          Okay, I always knew he was . I've never really liked Alec Baldwin although his performance in The Departed was freakin' awesome.

          This whole thing is just ridiculous. And as I listened, I was like: "Oh my God, this is probably what my friend does to that chic in Australia all the time!" haha.

          Anyway, I couldn't help but sort of laugh at how awesomely assanine he made himself look. He said it alright, he is making himself look like a fool.

          And even worse, he wasn't even sure how old his own daughter was.

          "I don't care if you're 12...or 11...or a child..." blah blah...whatever. That is awesome.

          what a freak.
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            For people like him it's all about business.

            Even his family. :nono:


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              I hope they revoke his rights completely and she never has to see him again.

              Poor girl. Sucks completely that he talked to her like that, but it also sucks that now the whole country knows it, too... I feel really bad for her.


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                My respect for Alec Baldwin went up after hearing it.


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                  Its too bad that mom and dad can't get together so there isn't any reason for
                  stuff like this to happen..
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                    Originally posted by // / yardo
                    30 rock is actually pretty funny.

                    I saw this the news earlier. Guys a jerk but don't forget that Basinger released this to the media. They wont confirm how they received it but it doesn't much of a guess to figure that out?

                    Please explain what differance it make who released it? Does it make Baldwin a better person if Basinger let everyone hear what a jerk this guy is?


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