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A bad thing about living in a small town...

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  • A bad thing about living in a small town...

    I log into myspace this morning and have a message from my oldest & dearest friend saying that he's had no internet (and couldn't find my #) for a week because he's been up home where we grew up. His sister died. She just went to sleep and didn't wake up. She's leaving behind a teenage son who lived for his mother. It was just a couple of years ago that one of his brothers died too.

    It seems that no good news has come out of the small town of Pekin since the day I left. It scares me and makes me want to pluck up everyone there that I love and relocate them fast.

    I think of this small town & why I don't live there.
    It's not that I think everyone who lives in a small town is cursed, but it sure feels that way from time to time.

    I wonder if it's because it's a small town (where everyone knows everyone else) that it seems I only get a phone call if somebody has passed. At times it seems that everyone I know around me is passing. Maybe it's a part of getting older.

    My brother & his sister were in school together & were friends. I don't have the heart to tell him about this. He's had enough going on. Plus, with being mentally ill, I'm not really sure how he would handle it.

    I can't post this on myspace. I don't want my friend to read what I've said.
    I love him and I'm shocked that stuff keeps happening in his life like this.

    He no longer lives in the town where we grew up together & I know it's morbid...but I'm so damn glad he's out. That place isn't the same since we were there. Back then it was innocent and fun. Now, meth & pills have taken ahold of
    the little town I had grown to love.

    Sometimes I would just like to forget that town, but that would mean forgetting all the people I love that are still there.

    I think I'm going to make a trip up tonight.

    So here's to the small towns and now I know why Stephen King writes about them so much.
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    Fred, I'm sorry for your loss, and for what you and your friends have lost in your hometown. It is so sad to see a place that gave you such happy memories become a derelict shell of itself.

    So here's to the small towns and now I know why Stephen King writes about them so much.
    Small towns and Maine, don't go there!
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      fred sorry to hear about your loss
      i drive by my old neighborhood from time to time and it never is the same after you leave
      it seems that when we are little we dont care what is going on around us we just live for the moment. not saying that when you were growing up the neiborhood is the same as it is today. just that kids see thru different eyes than adults.

      i hate driving by my old neiborhood today cuz unfortunately its in the same shape as you describe.

      we all have our memories to hold on to and make life a lil better for our ourselves and our kids to live in.

      i hope one day you can help out all of those that you care for so deeply.

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        spank me down and call me betsy!!!

        thats really sad news...

        and i think you are doing th right thing by not telling your bro...

        is your friend now taking her son??

        and i know how you feel...

        ive moved around a lot!!!

        from city to city, from country to country and i have left many i loved behind...

        i now find myself in a far better place than i was, and there are many times when i wish i could just get them all out of there and allow them to enjoy what im enjoying..

        but sadly in most cases it cant be done...

        so dont stress, help out your friend the best you can and hope that those that you love remain safe and well...



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          Rural USA is in bad shape indeed!!! Seems that the law enforcement spends so much time in the cities and on the roads that they don't have time to watch the rural towns...the drug dealers and users have figured this out and they have moved in!!!

          There isn't enough money for the small towns to pay for their own "protection" so the town just slowly goes in a rapid downward spiral!!! The people of the town that we grew to love are now getting old and aged and can do nothing about it, or have moved away!!!

          The only young people to move to these towns in general is the ones that are trying to hide out!!!

          I have seen it all to that is what Nebraska is really...Rural!!! I grew up in a town (if you would even call it that) population 320!!! It was a wonderful community, and because of the number of wealthy people in town...still is!!! Very little drugs and still a "help thy neighbor" mentality that lives in that town!!!

          The town I call home now...population I think around 590!!! I spent a great deal of time in this town as a did Brian, our Grandparents are from here (mine sort of are) I spent a lot of time working in that town and made friends and partied...all of it!!! But this town is much like you describe Fred!!! It almost makes me cry to see what it has become!!! So many run down many much meth!!! You only can trust certain people and even then you are scared about what is going on next door!!!

          I live in the not really the same for me...but I am all to close to it and see it well!!!

          Hugs to you know if you need anything I'm not all that far away!!! Love you!!!


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            Sorry for your loss Fred...

            While not a "small" town per se, the town I went to high school in and where I consider home, no longer is home either. It has gone through the same things. It's now a drug riddled crappy place to live. The bad elements from Philly came in in force from a few laws they made.

            The call it progress, the ghetto relocation... The idea that if you take people out of the ghetto and put them somewhere nice, it'll stay nice. Sadly it turned a smaller city that didn't have the problems of a big city into a smaller city with big city problems. They just don't have the resources to combat it.

            You all might have heard of the town. It's Hazleton, PA. It was in CNN a lot not too long ago for the Mayor passing the harshest anti immigration laws in the nation.

            It's sad to go home for me now. Most of my friends moved away long ago, there just wasn't much opportunity there unless you wanted to work in a factory. Last time I went home I was actually told that I didn't want to be on Vine street at night. I thought, Vine? Come on, that's right by the High School stadium, I can't even begin to think about all the good times I had there. Sure enough, there was a car jacking on Vine that night.

            It really is sad.

            Methamphetamines destroys lives. It also destroys communities.

            Al Davis leads yet another squad to the brink of mediocrity.

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              After viewing Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was about 4....I vowed to never set foot in a small town...


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                Fred...I am sorry to hear about this....sometimes it seems like
                death is all around us....believe me,I have experienced my share

                I grew up in a small town.I havent lived there for years.Everybody
                knew everybody and sometimes everybody's business
                The town has grown somewhat but is still small.

                When I was growing up...I went to school with so many kids that
                got killed in car accidents.My brother and I can talk for hours sometimes about stuff like that
                and the people we knew.

                I kind of like small town living,altho its been years since I have lived in
                a small town.

                I don't think small towns are cursed tho....I think its part of growing older
                and when we hear it now,we think about death more than we did when we
                were teenagers...IMO...

                When I was a kid in school...the kids I knew that died were killed in
                auto accidents.Now that I am older...their dying from cancer,heart attacks etc...

                Once again....sorry about this loss and prayers for all of them and for you too.
                Tony G

                The Chefs


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                  Thanks everyone.

                  I didn't go last night.
                  I think that it's best to let everyone sort things out first. If I'm needed, somebody will call me. I have no idea who is going to raise her son.

                  When I go home, those who still remember me hardly recognize me.
                  However, they are always happy to see me and there is something to be said about a small town & feeling like part of the family.

                  Of course, it took me moving away to be part of that family, but oh well.
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