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    Originally posted by bengaaaaals1688
    Well I don't mean it was an excuse in that it was a lie, just that girls use that like it means they are not allowed to talk to other guys. You can talk to and give your phone number to a guy without having to hook up with him, so having a boyfriend is irrelevant. It is like when a guy says do you want to go to dinner, and a girl says I have a boyfriend... does having a boyfriend mean you are not allowed to eat anymore?? Of course not, but it is a handy excuse (whether true or false) so they use it and we take it.
    For some people, going out to dinner with someone is not your BF/GF is cheating.

    It's best not to tar every person with the same brush. If you ask someone to dinner as a friend, you should invite their BF/GF to join you.
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