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So after a long and arduous debate, I bought this T.V.!!!!

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    Very cool... Theres nothing like watching the Bronocs on my Big screen... You will love it~

    Congrats for wining the debate!


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      As far as image burning goes, that's a problem on any T.V. (especially rear projector ones). Most of the new plasmas have new technology to counter prematurely aging the plasma diodes, but any static image is dangerous. I really can't tell a difference between 1080i and 720p when playing games because the framerate adjusts for what the game is capable of. You can probably leave your xbox 360 on 1080i and it will always adjust down to most games by default. I never have any issues with mine. Also, if you have a PS2 make sure you upgrade to component cables there too! That thing looks horrible on any HD t.v. without em.


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        Haven't gotten the 360 yet, because I wanted a TV that would let me enjoy the brilliance of the 360 in full effect....

        HD and the 360 are around the corner
        I owe CP's to: no one