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water or coke? very interesting facts you should know

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    On a Coke note, I dont buy it for my kids. Why? Its like drinking candy. They can have it at restraunts (just as my parents did with me) but its not a 'home' drink.
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      hmm, i stopped drinking coke (and most all other sodas except the occasional cream soda) about last year right after spring break. no reason at all. And the first time I drank some after a very long time without it, it tasted nasty. The caffeine though really affects me too now, no longer resistant to it as I dont have a coke a day like I used to.
      Though i do have at least a glass of green tea a day. yeah best drink ever. I marvel at how thirst quenching it is. And an apple too. I love apples.

      lol. Yes.


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        I like Coke and I love Dr Pepper...

        But I should cut back on the sodas....

        From now on I'll only use Coke to marinate my T-bones in the toilet!


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          I don't drink coke, but those are some interesting facts.

          I will take my glass of WATER!


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            Originally posted by MasterShake
            Please find me some info that tells me this is fake, too!:

            I love Snopes!


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              So my opinion (I'm a med student) is that water is better then soda any day. The real problem with Coke is actually the sugar (and for you diet drinkers nutrasweet isn't exactly good for you). There are some interesting studies done on weight loss in people who stop drinking soda.

              As for the water, too much can't hurt. Do we really need 8 8-ounce glasses? Maybe not, but keep in mind an 8 ounce glass isn't actually that much. The other cool thing I recently learned involves water when you have a cold. So as it turns out, increasing your water intake when you have a cold can have the same effect, if not better then the effects of taking a medicine like mucinex to help with congestion. The water actually makes your mucous thinner and easier to clear out, so some of your symptoms will get better. I don't really see the point in trying to disprove the original post, because even though these "facts" may not be entirely accurate, the fact remains water is so much better for you.
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                Very interesting.

                Happy Birthday by the way.


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                  thread already made

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           I screw the cap on my Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and throw it away.
                    Originally posted by Soldier96B
                    i also took a crap and it was orange