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    Originally posted by JWinn
    I love cheesecake.

    My favorite is probably from a little stand inside the Pepsi Center on the club level.

    However, I will never go to the Cheesecake Factory again!

    I took my daughter there for her birthday in March. I dont remember the dessert, which was cheesecake of course, for the HORRIBLE dinner we ate before that.

    This is the place that has Fondue as it's main feature, right?

    To start, you have the appetizer course. All good. Apples, Strawberries, and cheese pieces you dip into a cheese based sauce. This was prety good.

    We didnt realize we would be cooking (ourselves) our main course in the same way.

    I had a steak and seafood entree.

    Well, for the entrees, they bring you what amounts to essentially a pot of flavored boiling water. The waiter told us we would love this........

    Then he brings me a plate of raw meat, and raw Lobster. I am supposed to cook it all myself as I eat!! I expected a cooked steak, with a big cooked Lobster tail!

    Especially as it was something like $50 for this.

    The "Filet" was anything but, and the Lobster tail was cut up into pieces, as was the "steak".

    So we cooked our dinner ourselves. This took FOREVER!! Piece by piece. Yeah, I suppose you get a hot bite every time, but come on, I am paying top dollar, and I have to cook it myself?

    To begin with, one does not cook prime steak in boiling water. :nono: I dont care if it's flavored with 1965 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild Bordeaux!

    Now the lobster would be ok in water, BUT you have to cook it in the SAME pot as you do the steak!


    This "experience" took over three hours. Terrible service, terrible idea of making you cook averything yourself in a pot of boiling water, terrible steak.

    I cannot forgive terrible steak!!!

    And the price!!! There were five of us. Now I have no problem splurging on special occasions, but $300? To cook it myslef?

    Forget that!!

    Nick, if I were you, especially as your not eating it yourself, I see no reason to go pay top dollar for cheesecake. Get one at the grocery store, buy a bag of frozen strawberries, and make it look like you made it yourself. No doubt it will be half the price, and probably taste better.

    Pepperidge Farms.

    Your thinking of the Melting Pot not the Cheesecake Factory.


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      Originally posted by Jermz79
      Your thinking of the Melting Pot not the Cheesecake Factory.

      My mistake. I just checked with my wife and you are correct!!

      I remember my daughter going on & on about the Cheesecake Factory around then though, so that must be where I am confused.

      Regardless, I am never going back, lol.