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Man holds wife & kids hostage for several years

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  • Man holds wife & kids hostage for several years

    CHESTER, S.C. - For nearly four years, a South Carolina man held his wife and two sons captive in a house infested with maggots and human waste, authorities said.
    The boys slept on a bare mattress as their mother was kept in a drug-induced stupor in a house that was decrepit except for a tidy one-room illegal gambling parlor run by Danny William Dove, police said.

    Police found maggots infesting the refrigerator. Human waste and used toilet paper littered the bathroom floor and the house smelled like a dead animal, according to police photographs and authorities who visited the home after Dove was arrested this week.

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    Unbelievable...I hope those kids get the help they need. Can you imagine, not being able to talk or go to school? I can just see them thriving and being happy once they start learning how to read and socialize.


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      wow......there are alot of idiots out there
      My 3 favorite teams:
      1.The Denver Broncos
      2.The Ohio State Buckeyes
      3.Any team who plays Michigan


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        holy cow.

        imagine how scary that would be.
        white sox are done, broncos looking strong, lakers gonna win it all again.

        Originally posted by raylewis52
        you guys are the saddest team in nfl right now! 8-8 will win the west,.thats just a joke. there will be 6-8 teams sitting home with better records,
        smart fans, eh?


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          Man, that is messed up!