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Please take my potato chip survey for school.

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    Salt & Vinegar!

    Or sour cream and cheddar


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      Originally posted by RunYouOver
      I saw the same thing...then I realized this thread is 3 days old



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        Dang i so loooooove potato chips i wanted to take it but i was to late. oh well.

        i love me some fire chetoos and sour cream and onion. i also love the firey habenero chips
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          Originally posted by His Wife
          I pretty much agree with that, plus I personally enjoy the ones that get a little too brown, because I think they have a deeper potato flavor. Wish they'd make a bag of just those.

          They used to. AT my local King Soopers, they used to have their own brand of Ruffles. Dip chips, ya know?

          Anyway, they were all darker, cooked just a little bit more. I miss those. They always take away the good stuff! (gives me an idea for another thread)

          But if you like chips like that, and I certyainly do, what your looking for is called Maui Chips. Yup, made there, but sold all over the islands.

          Dark, super crunchy, absolutly delicious!!!

          I'll eat some for you next month!