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Your mamma is so fat.....

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  • Your mamma is so fat.....

    So my bro said a thread at his forum like this was really fun. Seeing as we are better than a dumb Halo forum, I think we can make this awesome. Think of it as a way to maybe have a laugh, and possibly vent some frustration.

    So share your best:
    "Yo' Mamma"
    "You are so fat"
    "You are so stupid" Types of jokes.

    You can use any, make up your own for all I care, just try not to repeat anybody, and don't post a whole bushel of them, that way everyone can have a shot.

    Some rules:
    -Don't target someone.
    -Don't say any that are against the CoC (racist, etc).

    So I'll start off with a few:

    "You are so fat, your blood type is Ragu"
    "Your mama is so dumb, she heard it was chilly outside, and ran out with a bowl!"

    Okay, have fun.

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    Cinny this could get real ugly real fast.
    Adopted player Lindsey


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      Originally posted by Saddletramp
      Cinny this could get real ugly real fast.
      I said don't target anyone!

      You do have a point, it can be fun though if it doesn't though.

      Fudge. Maybe I should delete it.


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        nice thread for mother's day, dude!

        your mom's so fat, if she could jump in the air she'd probably stay there. . . .
        Officially Objectified by the GPA

        rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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          Originally posted by dogfish
          nice thread for mother's day, dude!

          your mom's so fat, if she could jump in the air she'd probably stay there. . . .
          Crap, I thought it was after midnight.

          I'll check on this thread in the morn, if it gets dumb, ill delete it.


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            Mine is most likely old but here it goes

            Your MOMMA's so fat after sex she smokes Turkey's


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              Your momma is so fat that there are actually 3 smaller mommas orbiting around her
              You've got to know when to sack em...


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                your momma is so dumb she went to a football game and thought the quaterback was a refund....


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                  Your mama's so fat, the world really DOES revolve around her.


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                    Yo mommas so fat..she uses the whole country of mexico as a tanning bed


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                      Yo momma is so fat she was walking down the street and the Police came there and said: Break it up


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                        Yo momma's so ugly that when she lays out on the beach the cats keep covering her up.



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                          Momma so stupid Told her it was CHILLY outside...biotch grabbed a bowl


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                            Your momma's teeth so yellow, when she smiles, traffic slows down.

                            (I stole that from 'In Living Color")


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                              Your momma's so dumb, she invented a solar powered torch.
                              white sox are done, broncos looking strong, lakers gonna win it all again.

                              Originally posted by raylewis52
                              you guys are the saddest team in nfl right now! 8-8 will win the west,.thats just a joke. there will be 6-8 teams sitting home with better records,
                              smart fans, eh?