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Your mamma is so fat.....

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  • Yur mamma thinks square roots are vegetables


    • Originally posted by His Wife
      That was my evil twin.

      Where's your joke young lady?
      I am saving the best for last
      Tony G

      The Chefs


      • Originally posted by NickTranOwnz
        Yo momma so old she got an autographed bible.
        That one does not really make any sense.

        your mother is so ugly when she applied for the ugly contest they told her ''NO Professionals''


        • Originally posted by His Wife
          Your momma is so fat, she uses a toilet brush to clean out her belly button!

          Yo mama so fat...Her belly button has an echo!


          • yo momma so old, her birth certificate says

            her social security number is 1.....

            so fat that when she jumps, she plugs the hole in the ozone.....

            yo momma's like a fire hydrant... shes in every corner........ tehehehe teehee

            thats good for now..


            • ok i will say a couple more... just lemme think.... GET THOSE BAD ONES OUT OF MY HEAD..... moms like a squirrel .... like a vacuum......hardware store....... nasty nasty.....

              my fav is that one about the expired birth cert..

              BLONDE JOKES!
              what do you do when a blonde throws a grenade at u
              catch it and pull the pin and throw it back........

              ok this jokes doesnt make sense because you just cant throw anything out of a plane but imagination... it works.....

              someone on a plane eats an apple, tasted bad, so they threw it out the window... an old lady takes a bite out of her peach, and throws it out the window for the same reason.... now the pilot bites a grenade on accident and throws it out the window out of fear..... when they land, they see a boy crying... the man says whats wrong, he replies "an apple killed my dog" they say Awww then walk away..... then they see a girl thats crying and ask "whats wrong" she says "a peach killed my kitten" they say aww and walk away.... then they see a blonde girl laughing hysterically, so they ask her " whats so funny"... she says I FARTED AND THE BUILDING BEHIND ME BLEW UP...... he he he.... lol??? maybe just a smirk..... i didnt think it would be this long....


              • Yo momma's so fat you have to talk about her twice, talk about her twice
                Yo momma's so fat she takes two trips to haul ass
                Yo momma's so fat her belt size is equator

                Yo momma's so ugly she has to go trick or treating over the phone

                Yo momma's teeth are so yellow even they can't believe they're not butter
                My other love...
                305 HP / 273 TQ / SH-AWD / 6MT


                • Yo momma's so dumb, she ate a tomato and it turned her toes green.


                  • Yo momma's so fat the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs.

                    Yo momma's so fat she's got more chins than a hong kong phone book?

                    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


                    • Your momma's like a door knob. Everybody get's a turn.

                      Your momma's so ugly you have to tie a steak round her neck so she can play with the dog.

                      What's the difference between your Mum and the M1 ( very busy motorway that runs in England), your Mum has more people going up and down her.

                      Your momma is so ugly she turned milk into yoghurt.