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Woman survives internal decapitation!

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  • Woman survives internal decapitation!


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    thats crazy that some one could survive such an injury!!!!
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      Holy Schmoly!

      That's insane! Glad to hear she's doing well though!
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        Originally posted by SM19
        This is the most bizarre injury I've ever heard of.

        I agree. You would think if she got caught in an akward position, that the weight of her head could possibly rip off the skin around her neck. Now there's a great image to imagine.


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          So she was sort of like a bobble head that has no spring inside?
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            that is freaking amazing


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              thats the craziest thing ive ever heard of

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                Is it weird that I was more suprised to hear this article was from Denver?
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                  Unbelievable! This will end up in some medical journal I'm sure.

                  Kudos to the hospital staff for their work with this patient.
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                    She is one lucky woman.
                    I tried to watch a video of her
                    but each time after she spoke
                    she was like gasping for air and
                    it was a little freaky and I had to
                    stop watching.
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                      That's a blessing to make some sort of recovery.

                      Scary. Still very scary situation for her.
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                        My own son survived an internal decapitation he suffered on October 26th. He was ejected from a vehicle and tossed 200 feet. He survived with absolutely zero nerve damage at all. Still not sure how THAT happened as the list of people with this injury who come away without nerve issues is smaller than the list of "Men who have walked on the moon". He was released from the hospital 12 days after his accident. The great folks over at St. Anthony's are the best staff for Trauma in Denver and his mother and I cannot thank them enough.


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                          Wow.. this is one helluva bump!

                          Glad your son is okay!!! And welcome to our boards.
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                            Originally posted by ebsoria View Post
                            Wow.. this is one helluva bump!

                            Glad your son is okay!!! And welcome to our boards.

                            here is the story from 9news.


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                              Glad to hear he's okay. That sounds very stressful. Good luck to him getting well soon!

                              As always, welcome to the forums too.
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