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  • Hey people

    Sup guys. for those of you who are new and dont know me, consider yourselves lucky.

    for the rest of you poor fools, sorry I havent been around. Since I was last here, Ive been to 2 funerals, and a very good friend of mine is now doing drugs hardcore, and since he is about 8000 miles away from me, there's only so much I can do. My mom is also going in for major sugery soon, so my plate has been rather full.

    I'm going to try and get on regularly again. hopefully, If everything doesnt cluster****, I should be back. Cinny, I got something for you.

    to all the crackers who supported me while I was gone, thank you, but you're still keepin me down. :dance:

    oh, and.... *explode*


    If you take what I have to say seriously, then I'm embarrassed for you.

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    Always good to see a fellow poster back posting.

    I hope things work out with your family and friends situation.
    Just continue to support them in a positive way.

    Emancipate your mind!
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      Hey my little Tony...
      I am sorry to hear all this and hope its not
      getting you down too bad.

      Don't dwell on things you can't change.I know thats easier
      said than done
      Hopefully your friend will get some much needed help
      and I hope your mom does good!

      On the other hand,I am glad you are back
      I have missed you!

      Take Care!!!
      Tony G

      The Chefs


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        Sup........I know you missed me......


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          Originally posted by Broncofan-13
          Sup guys. for those of you who are new and dont know me, consider yourselves lucky.


          I don't feel lucky. I feel like I have missed some fun stuff.

          I'm sorry about your friend. Prayers for your Mom.

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            Originally posted by BroncoFaninMD
            I don't feel lucky. I feel like I have missed some fun stuff.

            you have no idea!

            there goes the neighborhood. . . .

            check your CPs paco. . . .
            Officially Objectified by the GPA

            rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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              Welcome home Spicboy!
              President of the GPA, Head of Mainland Europe Chapter

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                Mr. Taco I'm glad your back.


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                  havent talked with ya yet but just wanted to enjoy the party
                  welcome back n enjoy the show its always a bumpy ride

                  sig by B4B6..


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                    Good to see ya back Pablo!

                    Don't worry about us, you worry about taking care of you! Steal some hubcaps, jump borders, eat a burrito.

                    Besides, the comic thread is thriving. Look, I did......less comics than WhoDey has done


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                      Missed this thread!


                      I missed out on a chance to be profane!

                      Oh wait....

                      I won't.

                      *runs from Steve*
                      Thanks, Reid!
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                        get back here!!!

                        anton has been missing you...

                        being a lone mexican pirate is just not the same...


                        but get better first...



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                          i remember that sig..... yup..... ....


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                            Welcome back Jon! Glad to see you back 'mano! Its been a while!

                            Sorry about your friend, and I hope your mom gets better soon. I am sure you are taking good care of them, even if your friend lives thousands of miles away

                            I am looking forward to seeing you more often



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                              You come back long enough to say I'm back and then you disappear again.....UGH!

                              Hope things get better for you and yours. Get your butt back here more often!
                              Ready for the friggen season already!