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    There are actually people out there who think that it's not as bad to steal change as it is to steal paper money because change is small and is built up over time or something.

    I had a roommate who was getting into a bank I had in my bedroom which all my spare change went into at the end of the day. It seemed to get lighter each week so I turned it a certain way so I would know if it was messed with. Well, sure enough I got home from work and it had been moved so I confronted my roommate (ex-cousin-in-law). He denied it at first but then came clean later on. He said he would go in and take a little when he needed things like a pack of smokes or a soda or something small like that. He took something like $25 out literally by nickel and diming me.

    Not as drastic as your situation GLF but for some reason they try to justify stealing because it was just some pocket change...

    I think calling the cops is fine in your case. In mine I kicked my roomie to the curb...


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      Sorry to hear that even your own brother would do something like that....

      Hopefully everything works out for the best ..........

      By the is not a good idea to put nails in your mouth......
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        Originally posted by KCLadyFan
        you have alot of patience or alot of love in your heart.
        No way my husband would put up with that.
        I am short on patience, but yes i have alot of love for my wife. there is nothing i wouldnt do for her. now her family on the other hand. that is a differant story. and as well as a long one.
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          Originally posted by SeeingRed
          That sucks. If you want a good massage or something, let me know.
          or something?

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            Originally posted by GRLSLUVFTBL2
            So this is actually not the first time he has stole from us. He has been on a downward spiral for well, ever. He dropped out of high school and has been a loser ever since. He gets and loses jobs faster than I change my panties. My hubby has given him ample chances to work for us (we own a painting business) and paid him good money but once paid he doesn't show up so we ended that.

            The Sherriff came out today and said that because it is considered Petty Theft there is nothing they can do about it. :brick:

            He really does need to get into trouble (jail time) for all the crap he pulls. He honesly believes he is invincible because he never has to reap what he sows...

            This is just really hard for me, he is my only brother and I love him.
            You arent the only one with a loser for a brother. Mine has stolen from his family, had his car re-possed (which my folks co-signed for), so the bank came after him. He's been in and out of jail since Jan of this year for possesion of illegal drugs and driving with a suspended license, no insurance, only one plate and no registration. He foreclosed on his house...comes to stay with my folks for a while, and tries to take their car to go see his girlfriend in the next town.

            I really hope that he can get his act together. Hurting your family for quick gains is never good.
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