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man sleeps through gunshot to the head

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  • man sleeps through gunshot to the head

    Don’t wake me for anything less than a grenade
    W.Va. man sleeps through gunshot to head, notices blood when he wakes

    HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Michael Lusher apparently is a sound sleeper.

    A small-caliber bullet struck the 37-year-old Huntington man in the head as he slept Sunday morning, but he didn't realize it until he awoke nearly four hours later and noticed blood coming from his head, said Cpl. R.H. McQuaid of the Cabell County Sheriff's Department.

    The bullet that struck him was one of five that someone sprayed across his mobile home and truck in Huntington's Altizer neighborhood at about 4:20 a.m. Sunday, McQuaid said. The one the struck Lusher apparently lost velocity as it traveled through two walls.

    "We're just glad he didn't suffer any life-threatening injuries with a head wound," he said.

    Lusher came home from a night on the town about an hour before he was shot while lying in bed, McQuaid said.

    His condition was not immediately available Monday.

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    I read this too lynch..Yikes...thats all ive got to say!


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      Reminds me of an episode of CSI NY!!! Pretty crazy stuff really!!!


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        He's one lucky person. Wow. That's all I can say.


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          holy cow, try waking that guy up for a football game or something.
          white sox are done, broncos looking strong, lakers gonna win it all again.

          Originally posted by raylewis52
          you guys are the saddest team in nfl right now! 8-8 will win the west,.thats just a joke. there will be 6-8 teams sitting home with better records,
          smart fans, eh?


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            and I thought I was a heavy sleeper.
            Adopted player Lindsey


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              Originally posted by Snk16
              He's one lucky person. Wow. That's all I can say.
              lol, i know what you're saying, but what lucky person gets shot in the head at all?!

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              We all Miss you D-Will and Damien. RIP Broncos forever. :salute:


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                How do you NOT feel that?

                Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                You should check these guys out


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                  i wake up when i hear my phone vibrating 10 feet from me LOL........... and yet i didnt hear the people that stole my 24'' tires........ on a friday night...... couple months back....... <3 insurance...