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Ok, Ladies, I'm dying to know what you think about this...

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  • anton...
    im perhaps not a lady maybe...

    but i know wrong when i see it...

    and pink is wrong!!!

    but if it makes sales for hem i guess its better than nothing...

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  • I_Only_Like_Jay
    I keep seeing them and I know someone who sells them. I keep thinking that it'd be a good gag gift for a friend of mine who hates the color pink.

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  • Giveemlove
    I've seen them about and when I went out to get my Bailey jersey they had either pink, blue or orange in the ladies section, I went for the Orange. My 9 year old wants the pink one. Pink is not my team's color so why would I grab that? I love pink, but not for my orange and blue Broncos. Guess I'll grab the one for my daughter....hey, the football passion has to start somewhere.

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  • Ok, Ladies, I'm dying to know what you think about this...

    Guys can respond too, of course, I always value your opinions...

    So I have been thinking about the new jerseys/hats/shirts they're coming out with for sports (mainly football, cuz it's the best sport ever, but I have seen some baseball stuff too) stuff that they're making PINK for crying out loud...

    I get that they're trying to market the stuff toward women, but I find it kind of degrading... like we won't be sports fans if they won't make the stuff pink? They have to make it more 'girlie' for us?

    I say wear your team colors proud, girls!

    What do you think? Am I overreacting? Maybe you like the pink stuff? I could be totally wrong here, I just say if I am a fan, it's the Blue and Orange for me...