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tell me am i making the right choice or not let me know what you think..

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    Originally posted by KCLadyFan
    I would go...value the time with your family
    while you can....we never know what tomorrow brings....

    2 games is nothing compared to the fun and good times it
    sounds like you'll have!
    exactly what I was thinking.

    Now if you hate spending time with your family blow them off for the games.
    Adopted player Lindsey


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      Go on your vacation, and have a good time with the family.....

      Or you could go and make life miserable for others on your vacation, because the whole time you are there you will be thinking about missing the bronco games........... lol

      Tough choice......but spend time with the family...and have fun...
      My 3 favorite teams:
      1.The Denver Broncos
      2.The Ohio State Buckeyes
      3.Any team who plays Michigan


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        Originally posted by underrated29
        well which games would you miss?

        and when are they? if its dead winter and its like the cardinals and ravens i would def go on vacation.

        but if its like indy,saints,chefs,bolts- well, i am a little biased because i can go anytime and anywhere. but as someone in the biz

        a 2week, is it two weeks or 1 week sunday to sunday? two weeks, good price,go fishing,

        if its one week see if the fishing and other activities are included, if not, i would be inclined to stay at watch the broncos. you can go someother time maybe for 3-5days for half the price and get some good fishing in....

        hope it works out, and whatever you do dont regret your choice, as both will be great. good luck have fun..

        what games will i half to miss:
        1]oct 21st steelers
        2]oct29th packers=monday night the night i get back into town but wont get in town till around 900=10;30 depending on plane