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My 9/11 and Katrina Dedication video!!!

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  • My 9/11 and Katrina Dedication video!!!

    I will like to tribute this video i made to all victims NYPD FYPD and citizens of the United States. I actually cried while making this.
    The Katrina one was more harsh me cause i was born there
    Tell me if cannot handle the video i will take it down..
    I don't care how tough you are you might cry while watching this..
    When sept 11th happen i was in 4th grade, i didnt understood what was going on, i thought it was a movie.. Dont get mad at me but i laughed when people were jumping out.. Sorry but i didnt understood the fact what was going on.I been living guilt, so i made this to try to get over it.
    The music i used was Adagio For Strings By Samuel Barber
    But please dont think of me, of a bad person of my mistakes when i was 9 years old
    Please do not bring any politics into my thread or i will deleted it.
    View My Video
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    it may take a couple of mines to load onto youtube.... but tell me how you like it,


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      It's really good.

      It brings back memories of those well as emotions.


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        Yea during Katrina i was soo sad.. cuz i had friends there.


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          As an editor, well, I see areas that could be made even more powerful.

          BUT that doesn't matter. You weren't making it to have it look cool or whatever. And the repetition of images, well I think many of us need to be reminded constantly because I think the majority of this country keeps forgetting.

          Needless to say, the Katrina part, that was interesting, I even saw a building (coincidentally, the World Trade Center in New Orleans) that I remember going to the very top of and looking out when we went down their last spring break to help with the relief effort. It was weird because it was the World Trade Center, and I didn't even know there was one in NO. And the fact that a building that tall had storm damage even at the very top was sobering. I have a picture somewhere of me standing next to the window looking out over the city.

          And thanks for 9/11, I will never forget my senior year of high school. What an interesting, history changing thing to have happen during the year where everything changes for a 17, 18 or 19 year old that's just about to graduate high school.

          It was the single day that I remember every detail of every minute during my entire senior year. I remember waking up to some stupid pair of guys on the hard rock station i listened to every morning going on about some plane hitting the Trade Center and i thought it was some stupid sketch they'd made up. So i turned it off and went about my morning and got my cereal and my friend picked me up and i had no idea what was going on until i got to school. And then it became real.

          The second tower...and all that: it obviously wasn't some sketch that two bone-heads tried to make real. it was so real they had no idea how to handle it because they weren't news guys.

          and then my classmate comes running in screaming that the Pentagon had been hit.

          There wasn't a person in any of my classes that wasn't pissed off and upset and distraught. And my science teacher was beside herself because her son worked across the street. And my government teacher couldn't even handle anything but try not to cry because so many of his friends worked in the towers and he'd grown up in NY.

          Yeah... Here's a way for the class of 2002 to never forget their last year of high school.