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Let's face it, we've all gotten frusturated on exams!

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    I am crying for laughing so much. CP for you



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      I remember we had to do three 'paragraphs' of lines for a poem (I'm not a very good poet, much less know what those things are called). I chose "Time" for my poem's subject. I wrote "Tick-tock, tick tock" for about 11 lines, then said, "Time marches on" at the 12 th line. The 2nd paragraph had some random rabble-rabble about time that made little to no sense, and then my 3rd paragraph simply repeated the 1st: Tick-tock, tick tock (x11); then, "Time marches on." I wrote it all in the 5-minute passing period before class started.

      I got an 80

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        Man, That is sooo funny...probably one of the funniest things I have seen in months.


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          I love the 'find x' one!

          I remember a Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin is asked where Plymouth Rock is. His answer "I can not answer this as it may endanger our agents in the field!"
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            My favorite was the elephant one. I just loved how random it was.