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  • Announcement: Prayers for Watermock

    I don't know how many of you go over to the Orange Mane or even know what the Orange Mane is, but Watermock is a well respected and well known poster on that board, and even has spent some time here on Broncomania. We know him first and foremost at Mock, the farmer from Iowa who loves to tell tales of his cat Beezer and talk Broncos football. He's been around the Orange Mane since it started, and has been posting strong representing Bronco Nation for over six years on the board, but has been a fan for a very long time.

    Sadly, it recently came to our attention on the Mane, that Watermock has been in a coma for the past month (which is why he hasn't been posting) and all of us regulars at the Orange Mane would appreciate if you'd put him in your thoughts and prayers. You might not know him, you may have never met him - but for those of us who have we know what kind of guy he is, and if there's anything you can do - such as a simple prayer, we'd all really appreciate it and I'm sure he and his loved ones would as well.

    We need to stick together as a Broncos family. We've already seen the loss of a beloved member on the boards in BFC, and it'd be a tragedy to see another great Broncos fan, but first and foremost a person in Mock to suffer a similar fate.

    Please, I ask the moderators to sticky this and for you all to keep him in your prayers. He needs us, and we need him. We all miss his presence, his humor and the laughs he brought us everyday. Thank you.

    Get well soon Mock, we'll be waiting for you.

    Fellow Maner and Maniac,


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    Prayers to Watermock.


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      I will definitely keep Mock in my thoughts and prayers (family and friends, too).

      Dream, please keep us updated when you can.

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        Thats too bad.. He's in our thoughts and prayers for sure..


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          Very sad news! .. I hope everything turns out ok!

          He and his loves ones will be in my thoughts and prayers


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            mock will be in my thoughts

            even thou i personally dont know him it really doesnt matter now does it

            you will be in my thought until your return mock


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              Thanks everyone.


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                Mock, his family, and the OM community are in my thoughts and prayers!


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                  Just bumpin' it up.

                  Mock was a unique poster but he was without a doubt a true Bronco fan.


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                    Sad news.

                    I hope everything turns out for the best.


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                      My prayers for Mock and his family. Keep us posted Dream.

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                        Wow, I was wondering where he went...


                        RIP D-Will and Nash


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                          Prayers to Mock and the family.
                          Thanks, Reid!
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                            My prayers go out to him


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                              Hopefully, he'll be back telling tales of Beezer and the Broncos again. Consider the prayers done-he'll be okay. Prayer is POWERFUL stuff. :thumb: