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I'm not gonna have kids but I have their names ready just in case.

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    HA !!!

    DK... you crack me up :p

    As a kid growing up, I had always told my father that I'd name my first son after him. Lo' and behold, I did. My ex-wife agreed to this 'cause the name isn't really that bad.

    I'd like to have another child before I get to old ( of course this all depends on finding another woman that will put up with my crap ), but I really haven't thought about a specific naming scheme.

    Off the top o' my head, I'm kinda partial to the name "Scott" for a son, and "Heather" for a daughter. Not certain if the girls name will fly though 'cause it happens to be my ex-wifes. My future Ex prolly wouldn't appreciate that much.

    Nuff said...

    Not as lean & Not as mean.. but damn proud to claim the title of (former) U.S. Marine
    ~DBMAdsf Llaus @T m0 P^~


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      Mergitrode and Smedley

      "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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        Originally posted by GoDenver
        ahhhh.. one of them "earth people." not sure which side of evolution or big bang you want to stand on so long as a possibility is there, right? all the boredom started threads makes a lot more sense to me now Dark. but its all good, i still like you.
        I have no reason to discount Evolution or The Big Bang theory. They both seem very plausible to me. There is plenty of evidence to support both so I will stick with them untill another competing theory attracts my interest.
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