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  • Kapaibro
    It's a scary scary world out there, with or without a kid.

    But if you have good friends, you can get through anything!

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  • Fred the Bunny
    started a topic Fred's scummy post...

    Fred's scummy post...

    Maybe not what you would expect from Fred the Bunny....

    But some serious posting about relationships.

    I'm not a big believer in marraige these days.
    This would make some sense due to the fact I'm coming out of a ten year relationship. I'm happy to report that I'm coming out of my bitter phase and find myself (closer to being) ready to move on. I'm going to file for divorce within a couple of months (insurance and money being the only reason for delay).

    However, I don't like what I'm seeing in the single world. I've forgotten about some things.

    I watch as single, beautiful, funny women are often tossed aside as good mates for many a shallow reason....

    *Discounted because they have a kid (okay..this one is a given...not all men are ready to be dads to a kid who isn't theirs & I can see that). However, these women seem good enough to sleep with, huh? Hmmm...

    *Discounted because they aren't the picture perfect, model type (ugh...same old same old...I could go on here for awhile too, but who wants to be with a guy who has such high, unrealistic standards anyways? Really?)

    * Sell themselves short of a good relationship with a good man because they don't believe they are worthy. They settle. They pick men on the mere fact that the guy gives them compiments and shows them attention.

    I could go on....

    This makes me sad.
    I would like to see the women I know (and adore) love themselves enough to slow down & take the time to look for what they truly want in a relationship....never settle for anything less than what they want & deserve.

    It seems that there is a small percentage of MARRIED men who prey on these types of women. In my opinion? These are the worst forms of life on the planet. They play endless mind games with these women...trying to cure their own boredom and avoiding addressing their lives at home. They are scared, little boys who wouldn't know what a real man was if it smacked them in the head. Real men don't need to stray-out from their wives to find excitement. Good men work hard to fix the issues at home. Real men know that you have to end one relationship before you can start another. What cowards these guys are who stalk and chase a woman while they still have one in their bed at home. They make no mention of their said wives...whether it be on these forums or in real life. Shame on them.

    Yeah, you know who you are.:hammer:

    And it makes ME wonder now...

    Is this what I have to look forward to?
    If this is the case, then I'd like to retract my application to the single mothers with standards society. I'll fair much better alone...raising my kid.

    Am I crazy? Are my expectations too high?

    When it's time for me to venture back out into the dating world...will this be what I have in store for me?