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B-52 bomber, accidentally armed with warheads, went over several states

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    Originally posted by NickTranOwnz View Post
    Yes, I knew that. That's why I said it was like the beginning of The Sum Of All Fears. A nuke was accidently placed on a jet and it was accidently jettisoned because it was thought to be an external fuel tank. It didn't detonate and "buried" itself underground, subsequently uncovered a while later by terrorists.

    That's where I was going.
    in the book the US gave israel 6 nuclear weapons, at the heighth of the 76 war the israeli's decided they needed to use the bomb to halt syrian forces on the golan heights in northeast israel. the plane was hit by anti aircraft artillery, jettisoned the weapon which got embeded in the earth. the bomb was discovered by some sheep hearder and then gave it to a european weapons dealer who sold it to a bunch of fascists from germany. and in the book the bomb was used on denver of all places where as in the movie it was used on baltimore. thoughts came to mind of the 2001 playoffs.
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      Originally posted by antiwup View Post
      they should have dropped one on san francisco! that city deserves it after banning ROTC's from every high school in the city!
      Yes nuke a US city! Even if it is a joke there is definitly a million better ways to deal with the issue then suggest nuke SF. Same goes for the Oakland comment.

      O and with the Sum of All Fears, if they were flying over US states I am quit sure that a terrorist would not find it in Kansas or something. They would be a serch like no other from the military.
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