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Thank You !!! Thread.

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    How about Chris Wade? I think he's a great poster! I don't understand a lot of his posts, but when I do.......

    He's good.


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      The laughs… oh the laughs,
      The football insight,
      The life & living insight,
      The Broncos,
      The support during rough times (football & life),
      The comraderie,
      The assistance with personal problems,
      The assistance with game viewing problems,
      The help with computer problems,
      The Broncos,
      The story telling,
      The guidance,
      The friendly competitions,
      The lets-fight-boredom-together message board games,
      The out-of-towner guides to visiting Denver/Colorado/anywhere,
      The Broncos,
      The sharing of talent (music, art, gaming, etc.),
      The sharing of achievements,
      The sharing of interests,
      The sharing of information,
      The sharing of our families,
      The intelligent discussions (and the smack),
      The continual giving when nothing is expected in return,
      The Friends, The Fellowship, THE BRONCOS!!!

      ^^^ Just a few of the things that I really like about this place; and over the years, I have seen an abundance of ALL of it! Honestly, I’m always amazed, but never surprised by what I see here. I’ve come to expect all of this of every Broncos fan I meet. It goes without saying, but I’m proud and honored to be a part of it.

      This is much more than just a pro football team’s message board.

      This is a FAMILY!

      This is Broncos Country!

      Thank YOU, LarryDean! Thank you, everyone!
      Winter is Coming!


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        There is a newer breed of Broncomania members. Many older vets left, and it's good that the newer generation of Broncomaniacs are recognized.

        :thumb: LD.


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          Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated!
          Ready for the friggen season already!


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            Originally posted by Giveemlove View Post
            Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated!
            No Problem at all

            In the words of Justin Timberlake ....Just keep bringing sexy back
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              No need to thank me. I'm just doing my job.


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                Thank you to whoever created this forum.
                As we say in Hawaii, Much mahalo

                "Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better then silver and gold.." -Bob Marley


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                  Originally posted by hurricane808 View Post
                  Thank you to whoever created this forum.
                  As we say in Hawaii, Much mahalo

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