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Happy Birthday OBLA

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    Originally posted by PrimeTime2479
    Oh BTW I know its all fantasy play but I wouldnt never take take Min over Philly, Sorry just had to toss that in there!
    don't worry - i didn't! my b/f had the eagles D on his team - and at the end of sunday i was ahead by 11 points...but with no more players. so i needed the eagles D to score less than 11 points so i would win. right towards the end he was up by a couple points, so i started hoping the vikings might score, just once, just so his D would lose points. and it worked! but then the eagles made an interception and BAM - my boyfriend won by ONE POINT! sorry, i'm still ranting.

    Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Orange/Blue Girl in L.A.


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      Happy Birthday. Have a good day, inspite of your Boyfriend winning. Of course you might let him know "you let him win". That might take the thrill out of "winning" for him.
      Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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        Happy birthday to you OBLA !
        I think you're so nice to have a lot of "BISOUS", don't you think so ?

        Have a great time and take care.

        PS: Can I come to the party ? I have french wine and champagne !!! (and many bisous for you... LOL).

        A gift for you : me dancing only for you (see attached file)
        Just talk slowly please... I'm French

        GO BRONCOS

        (Sig made by Snk16)

        (thousands of bisous for Thundergirl, une fille du tonnerre !!!)

        My adoptee-a-fan are THE GIRLIES :kiss:


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          Hey OBLA, let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday on the actual day...HAPPYBIRTHDAY. I don't know if you care for Tommy Lasorda, but it's his birthday today...along with Scott Baio, Eric Stoltz, and Bonnie Hunt. I hope you have a great day today, take care. UB

          Oh wait...frenchie's was sent on your birthday in your timezone, hehe.

          The earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens

          "Everyone takes turns making mistakes in poker. The trick is to skip your turn."
          Mike Caro

          "The all-in play works every time but once"

          You can observe a lot just by watching.
          Yogi Berra

          every year.


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            hey you guys! thanks for all the wishes (and bisous!)! yep, today is the day. i feel the arthritis settling in already...

            tommy lasorda, huh? my mom met him in a restaurant out here, she was so excited, it cracked me up. i love bonnie hunt though.

            oooh, let's see my birthday's horoscope:
            Today's birthday (September 22). Your sunny thoughts create a world in which you carry the weather with you -- outside forces will not determine your success or failure. It's all within you! The next six weeks bring big luck on the money front. You provide people with excellent products and services and therefore make bank! Singles could marry this year in January. Your lucky numbers are: 12, 30, 45, 53 and 10.

            HEY, i'm gonna make bank and carry weather!

            Oh, and are westie and 420 back yet? b/c if not my birthday wish is for their speedy return.
            Orange/Blue Girl in L.A.