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    Originally posted by RealBronco View Post
    Nice job man!

    don't worry, i'll still be hittin' you up about a sig...but the two Broncos teams have to play a few games first (or i could think of something non-Bronco-ey...hmmm)

    Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
    Congrats charger$... you officially have more bars than super bowl victories by the chargers.
    Unfortunately...that happened the first day i registered here!

    Originally posted by Broncbeat View Post
    Congrats! Its nice having someone of your caliber and talent around.

    Originally posted by *Atwater* View Post
    Congrats man.

    Soon enough I will have another slave in the LR.
    Ill make sure to bring my blue n yellow paint cans.

    Originally posted by Mount-n-Groan View Post
    Good job, CHARGER$... well-deserved.
    Posters like you, jcdavey and baph are great to have on this board. Not only do you offer substantive contributions (football or not), unique perspectives, and know when to smack or not, but more importantly you're a role model for all the rival teams' fans here. You're proof that you can still support YOUR team and yet be a successful and respected member on this board.

    Congrats! :salute!:
    Truly appreciate that!
    Originally posted by Peerless View Post
    How did I miss this?

    Congrats CHARGER$. You are a great member and person regardless of your team. A football fan at its finest.
    Im a fan of yours! Love the new look BTW.
    thanks for the kind words!

    Originally posted by SeekandDestroy View Post
    Congrats Charger$, stay classy


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      Congrats, you are a great poster and amazing sig maker, keep up the good work..


      Oh, yes, i hate this time of year, offseason is so long...