I turned 58 and a 1/2 the other day, and it was the mid point of my life. You see, there is longevity in my family, and I expect to live til I'm about 117.....hence the 1/2 way situation. But no, none of my so called forum buddies even thought to initiate the thread before I did. What kind of losers are you anyway? Where's the friendship, the loyalty, and last but not least, the mathematics needed to calculate this milestone???

After all, I'm always there for you dudes. Remember when I started that thread for so and so, when he hit the 30% mark in his life? And what about when I initiated that never to be forgotten thread for that female (can't think of her name, but she was very close to me.) Sorry....I forgot what it was about, but hey, I knew what I was doing when I did it.

So this becomes a sweet and sour scenario for me. I reach a milestone, but my buds don't even take the time to publish it. That's just sad....

In conclusion, the good news is that I will be posting here for another 50 years or so, given that I will likely give it up with about 10 years to go. I think I will need a break by then.

Okay, I'll forgive you, but presents are mandatory.