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Kudos to the Denver Broncos!

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  • Kudos to the Denver Broncos!

    Short and simple.....this goes out to my fav NFL team.

    The Denver Broncos have provided me with many, many years of enjoyment, including some of the finest sports moments of my entire (long) life!!! They have added a ton of value to this old dude's existence, and for that I say a big Thank You!!!

    And even if the next SB is a little ways away, I can wait........the journey folks, the the memories grow and the thrills keep on coming.

    (that's all I am allowed if I add this )

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    I love me some Denver Bronco football!!!!


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      I look at it this way......if anyone here is like me, and is looking forward to Sunday (maybe for a few days already), because it's a Bronco Sunday, then you must know a little about what I am getting at.

      Or.....if any of you look forward to each new season right after the last season ended.....

      Or.....if you even look forward to the offseason - with the draft, free agency and so on.....


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        Great post!:thumb: Looking forward to Sunday already
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          For being such a dedicated fan since the days I was a little chap, they should pay me back with some free season tickets.


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                I would also like to thank the Denver Broncos for everything as well!

                Blue and Orange is in my blood! I LOVE OUR BRONCOS!!

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                  Orange and blue all the way, enough said!

                  Kudos to you on this fine thread too. :thumb:
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                    To the Broncos, the best team in the NFL.
                    Thanks Blondie for the Sig


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                      yesterday was one more good memory to file away in the seemingly bottomless pit of Broncos' good news!!



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                        Congrats for the Broncos for continuing their tradition of taking it to the visitors in the home opener!

                        Great game on Sunday, and a great performance for the fans!


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                          Great win for our team. Here's to another against Indy!

                          Not to forget, MAJOR KUDOS to..

                          - Champ for being his usual elite self and proving this game has never seen a better CB.
                          - Orton, congrats on your fourth 300+ yd passing game. Proud to have you as our 1st stringer.
                          - Dawkins. Old man? I don't think so!

                          Rookie props..

                          - C. Vaughn (Solid performance and won the game early)
                          - D. Thomas (WOW! DT.. looking forward to seeing more of that)
                          - P. Cox (best pick in years guys (pos ratio), great day out there)

                          Rising Bronco stars, rock on!
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                            I have had a permagrin since Champ picked off that guy with the hot wife.
                            Everyone here is devistated because Iowa lost to Arizona, I'm all smiles and happy as can be. Broncos runs deep in these veins!

                            Go Broncos!!