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  • Cahill's 1000th Post

    I figured I would make my 1000th post something sort of special. I know 1,000 posts isn't anything of great magnitude and it took me a very long time to get to but I am not looking for recognition. Instead, I am going to use my 1000th post to recognize this great community and share some of my thoughts about this great message board with everyone.

    First of all, a message board is a community, it may not be a community in the traditional sense but we are still people who come together for one purpose. That purpose is to discuss the Denver Broncos, it is our bond that helps create the many great memories that we as fans share on this website. While the Denver Broncos may be the thing that brought us all here, I have seen many people create friendships within this message board. I have seen people receive advice about personal problems, suggestions on what to do, things that do not even relate to the common bond which brought us here to begin with. In this community, we discuss more than the Broncos, we really get to know each other, form new friendships and relationships and that is much more important than just the simple talk of the NFL. This community thrives on more than just football, it is much deeper than that. The small things like that if what makes this place one of the best communities on the internet.

    I know I may not post that often, I have been a member since the very end of 2006 but I do visit this site daily. I always read the threads in every section and I witness first hand the great things which make this community special. I want to take this 1000th post of mine to thank everyone who has helped form this community into the special place it is today. Thank you to each person who helped create this website from the designers, administrators, moderators, the Denver Broncos organization, and most of all, the members who contribute and help make this place a fun and enjoyable community where we can share more than the everyday football talk.

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    Well said,congrats on 1000 and keep contributing to the boards.


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      Congrats, Cahill !

      I'm glad you're a part of this community.

      I hope it doesn't take another 4 years to make it to 2000.


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        Great Post.

        I have made some close friends here, and then some. Beyond that, I would say that the community as a whole is like a friend to me (most of the time. ). even the members that I don't know well, or I confuse because of my bad memory, or even the ones that I occasionally have to prod to follow the rules...

        Even if the entire membership were to change from tonight to tomorrow, the community here would still feel like family of sorts... ok... maybe the wacky cousin that you care for but can get on your nerves, just depending on the day...

        Love this place, love you guys.

        Awesome 1000th post, man.


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          Listen Cahill......if your 1,000th post is indicative of what "you got", well, you got a whole lot!!!

          Nicely said. Appreciate your respectful approach.

          It's interesting how we learn about one another in this "remote" and sometimes cluttered environment. But a post like this definitely tells me a lot about you, and will no doubt make me more likely to interact with you going forward. (poor Cahill!!)


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            Congrats Cahill!


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              Congrats Cahill and you have taken a page out of my book. Look at my join date. I did the same as you. Read, read, read and learn, then post. No problems with that, except I never learned.

              Well done and hopefully we see your next 100 faster.



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                Thanks for this reminder Cahill. Some people forget that we've all got a common bond. And sometimes things get a little heated. But I truly feel that I've made friends here. Maybe not in the traditional sense but friends none the less.

                Great post and I totally agree about posting more than just about football.

                to your 1000, and to 1000 more of this quality.
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