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    Thank you BroncosDivision for starting this thread! You are very kind.
    I'll be around when Manning decides, he's done with football. The Broncos are young, smart, driven and talented. They will win their Superbowl rings soon enough.

    Originally posted by theMileHighGuy View Post
    Holy meteoric rise Batman!
    Thank you MileHighGuy! ^_^

    Originally posted by MarkB View Post
    Congrats, GoManning!!!
    Thank you MarkB! ^_^

    Originally posted by Peanut View Post
    Congrats, GoManning!

    Good to have you here!!
    Thank you Ms. Peanut! ^_^

    Originally posted by ebsoria View Post
    Thank you Man of Steel! ^_^

    Originally posted by Sophia23 View Post
    Congrats, gomanning! I always enjoy your posts!
    Thank you Ms. Sophia! ^_^

    Originally posted by Sam24 View Post
    Congratulations, you are indeed an asset to the boards!
    Thank you Sam! ^_^

    Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
    Congratulations Man, NO ONE DESERVES IT MORE!
    Thank you Humcalc! ^_^

    Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
    Congrats GM. Well earned. Now stop sitting there congratulating yourself and get to work on the next level.
    Thank you EddieMac! ^_^

    Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
    GoManning should be GoBroncos.

    None-the-less..... great to see you around and great job on the status change!
    Thank you BroncoManiac! ^_^

    Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy View Post
    Congrats GoManning! You are a great asset to the board.Thanks for all you do,keep being you!
    Thank you BroncoSexyDaddy! ^_^

    Originally posted by Remedy View Post
    Thank you Remedy! ^_^

    Originally posted by VenomousDB View Post

    Nice hand writing (if thats yours)
    Thank you Venomous! ^_^
    (picture came from tumblr)

    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    Nice going GM!!!

    Enjoy the ride...

    Thank you CanDB! ^_^
    Team Broncos!
    2013 Adopt A Bronco Peyton Manning|#18|QB


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      congrats cps when I reload
      My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter


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        Originally posted by FL BRONCO View Post
        congrats cps when I reload
        Thank you FL Bronco! ^_^
        Team Broncos!
        2013 Adopt A Bronco Peyton Manning|#18|QB


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          Congrats !