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A big THANK YOU to Jetrazor74 and Lord Trychon!!

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  • A big THANK YOU to Jetrazor74 and Lord Trychon!!

    Just a thread for all of us to say thanks to both these guys for the service they have given the Denver Broncos. And all they have given us who use this forum.

    Without the SERVICE of the moderators, this place simply wouldn't be here.

    While there are a few perks to being a mod, it really is a service to volunteer to help manage a place like this. Mods are not paid, in any real sense, and they can spend an amazing amount of time here working, rather than playing like the rest of us.

    They all do it, and did it, because they want to help make Broncos Country (Broncomania) a better place. And keep it as a fun place where people can go to talk all things Broncos.

    You two have simply been outstanding moderators.

    It's to your credit the place is still what it is. That I continue to read and see how Broncomania is still one of the better forums in sports. That it's still the "community" it always has been. At least to me.

    Anyways, before I get too sappy, let me be the first to welcome you both to retirement.

    It's nice here. Much more peaceful. haha

    Thanks LT!

    Thanks Jet!

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    and as a side note.... Jwinn started the thread that said hello to LT as a Mod.... full circle.

    I guess they are OK....only because they are fellow Star Wars fans....

    Thanks both of you. Miss you around here.


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      It's hard to say goodbye. I haz sad.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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        Yes... these two mentored the rest of us and helped guide us to where were are as a message board and community. Both amazing men. Their families are blessed to have them and we are blessed to have had them as long as we have.

        Gentlemen.... both of you. Enjoy retirement.
        *2011 BCMB Locker Room Division I League Champion*
        *Voted; 2013 & 2015 BCMBA's Scariest Mod*
        *Voted; 2014 BCMBA's Best Avi and Most Friendly*


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          Later on, Jet.


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            Thanks for everything guys
            "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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              Party on guys! You were excellent mods!!


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                Goodbye Jet and LT! You both were excellent mods and will be missed!


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                  Big thank you to you two! I know this isn't a goodbye, but a see you around!
                  :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:

                  Adopted Bronco 2015 CJ Anderson


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                    I was looking for a thread on this, and was about ready to start one til I saw this But I agree. 2 Great mods and 2 wyoming fellas. Thanks for being Mods here, especially Jetrazor for helping me get back on here. Hope to still see you guys around. :dance:
                    :salute: :goz: :salute:


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                      plays "tears of a clown" in the cafe..

                      in all seriousness...does this mean youll finally post more?
                      Glen Haven Fire


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                        Sad to see the both of you go. Good luck.

                        Adopted Bronco: Von Miller


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                          Thank you both for all your years and all your help. They both are like big brothers to me. I grew up on this board with the two of them. They were lots of help for me when I first started. You see they were more than just Mods for me, they were also mentors. I will miss you both as Mods but I know they will be around some posting . Take care both of you


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                            2 of my favorites even before I was a mod! Now.... --->

                            Thanks for all you two have done!

                            Life is Good!
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                            I believe in Mile High Magic and bleed Orange and Blue.
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                            Bronco's Country.

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                              Those guys were alright I guess

                              sad to see ya leave us fellas.