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A big THANK YOU to Jetrazor74 and Lord Trychon!!

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    LT was the first mod to ever be nice to me (not the last though)


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        Thank you everyone!

        I'm going to do my best not to be too sappy.

        Short version... Thank YOU. This community has given me so much, I'm baffled to look back and it seems hard to believe that I was a mod/admin on this site for 8+ years. This site has given me a wife, a brother in law, a few best friends, and countless other friends.

        Originally posted by JWinn View Post
        Just a thread for all of us to say thanks to both these guys for the service they have given the Denver Broncos. And all they have given us who use this forum.


        Thanks LT!

        Thanks Jet!
        Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
        and as a side note.... Jwinn started the thread that said hello to LT as a Mod.... full circle.

        I guess they are OK....only because they are fellow Star Wars fans....

        Thanks both of you. Miss you around here.
        It's a little humbling to see several people refer to us as mentors... when JWinn here was one of the original mentors of the newbs here, myself in particular!

        Originally posted by armedequation View Post
        plays "tears of a clown" in the cafe..

        in all seriousness...does this mean youll finally post more?
        Actually, I'm going to try to. Jet's in a position right now where he's got limited access to computers at all... so he'll be a bit longer before coming around more... but he thinks about you guys all the time too.

        Originally posted by Remedy View Post
        Those guys were alright I guess

        sad to see ya leave us fellas.
        Ok, well... thanks to MOST of you... Remedy...

        Originally posted by baphamet View Post
        LT was the first mod to ever be nice to me (not the last though)
        Thanks, Reid!
        Click on my sig to read JetRazor's and my story. Or PM me with any questions.


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          This place is the best team forum on the web......anyone who has helped make that possible deserves a ton of recognition.

          So a big thank you to LT and JET, but also to the others who go unmentioned.


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            LT and Jet aren't going anywhere.
            Don't be fooled !
            They will always be lying in wait.
            They are now undercover Mods.
            Beware !!!


            May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
            The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing
            My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe


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              Wishing you guys the best. I remember reading your short stories a few years ago. Hope to see you guys around.


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                You guys are awesome. Thank you for making this board a family for me.
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                  Thanks for all you did...:thumb::thumb:


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                    I'll have a blue Christmas without you comes to mind. Hope ya all will still be around. You all have done a lot for Bronco country and I would like to you both. Wont be quite the same. I would like to thank both of you for all your time and effort. Have fun in retirement, but like Elway, don't go anywhere. We like ya all round here.
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                      You two know how I feel

                      For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of talking to these two at one point or another, just know that they are two great Broncos fans, who gave plenty of their time volunteering to help make this website great. Their contributions over the years to the rest of the mod staff, to new users, to old users and won't be forgotten.

                      Thanks for everything guys, and hope to see you resume regular posting soon!



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                        The Bronco fan pledge;
                        I am a Broncos Fan and I believe
                        I believe in Mile High Magic and bleed Orange and Blue.
                        I celebrate the Orange Crush, The Drive, and the Mile High Salute.
                        I create the THUNDER, share the common dream, and will forever be a proud citizen of
                        Bronco's Country.

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                          Thank you both for making this place fun to hang out and raid the fridge. Coming from the heart, you were my 23rd and 25th favorite mods of all time, on this board. That's love right there.


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                            Thanks guys, you've been awesome, both as regular posters at first and then in your years of service as Mods.
                            Now that you're retired you can get back to the cafe and chat all day


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                              I grew up with both of you guys on this board. Thanks for all your contributions! You're all good people and good friends. It's not a good-bye (which is good), so I'm sure I'll see you guys around here and there. (I just won't be getting any more IP's more any of you... )


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                                Being a moderator of a forum is a labor of love. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have done over the years.

                                Best wishes and success to you both!
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