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Happy Birthday Manning

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  • Happy Birthday Manning

    Hopeful wishes to you Manning have a great birthday

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    Happy Birthday Peyton. Have a great day!
    Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware


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      Happy Birthday, Peyton! Wishing you the best, always!


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        Hmm, PM and my mother-in-law share the same birthday. Not sure what I think about that...

        Anyway, Happy Birthday.


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          -Gary Kubiak wishes Peyton Manning happy birthday, eager to work with Broncos QB-

          "To begin his first AFC coaches breakfast while representing the Broncos, Gary Kubiak began by wishing Peyton Manning a happy birthday.

          All good coaches understand the value of a happy quarterback.

          "I'm looking forward to it, about two weeks out from getting started," Kubiak said. "I'm looking forward to getting him in the building and talking football on a full-time basis. So, happy birthday to him and can't wait to see him in a couple weeks."

          Manning is about to gather his receivers and tight ends to Duke University for his annual two-day passing tune up. The Broncos will gather as a team at their Dove Valley headquarters for the start of conditioning on April 13." ...


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            Happy Birthday, Peyton!!! Looking forward to the next 2 years!


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              HBD Peyton! We are lucky to have you!


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                Have a great day Peyton, hopefully you are enjoying time with your family.


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                  Happy Birthday Peyton!!!

                  Adopted Bronco: Von Miller


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                    Happy Bday PMan::thumb:Hope its a great day for ya
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                      Oh no! He had another one?



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                        For his birthday, the top 39 Peyton Manning moments :thumb:

                        "In honor of Manning's 39th birthday, and in appreciation of his 17 remarkable NFL seasons, we're counting down our favorite 39 Manning Moments over the years (mostly in Denver). Yep -- thirrrrttyyy-niiiiiine.

                        So grab a chair, get comfortable and prepare for a boatload of Manning-ness."


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                          :thumb: Manning talks with wounded heroes on his 39th birthday

                          (While sports news networks were making a big deal of Peyton Manning's 39th birthday March 24, creating as many storylines as possible about No. 18's chances for a good season, the five-time NFL MVP was making a big deal of a much more important storyline - the U.S. Military soldiers who were wounded while serving their country.)

                          "There was no riding a camel into a celebrity-packed party (ala Adrian Peterson) for Peyton Manning last week on his birthday. No monster cake with 39 candles to blow out.

                          The Denver Broncos quarterback wouldn't even let Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr. mention the 39-year-old's birthday to a group of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center because he "didn't want the event to be about him."

                          Most of the soldiers in the room probably knew it if they had even glanced at any NFL news that morning, but making sure those service men and women were the center of attention was exactly what Manning wanted.

                          Neal Adams Johnson, a retired Master Chief Hospital Corpsman in the Navy (and gigantic Broncos fan) invited to the private event, said Manning was his typical self - compassionate, encouraging and, of course, a little funny." ...

                          Instead of trying to blow out 39 candles on his birthday, Peyton Manning spent time talking to and honoring many of the nation's service men and women who had been wounded in combat.

                          Another article: