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    1600 Charles I king of England (1625-49); executed by Parliament
    1752 George Rogers Clark frontier military leader in Revolutionary War
    1770 Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen Copenhagen Denmark, sculptor (Dying Lion)
    1805 Ferdinand de Lesseps France, diplomat (built Suez Canal)
    1831 James A Garfield 20th President (March 4-Sept 19, 1881)
    1859 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov Russia, musician (Armenian Rhapsody)
    1888 Jose Raul Capablanca Cuba, world chess champion (1921-27)
    1899 Allen Tate US, poet (Mr Pope & Other Poems)
    1899 Howard Thurman famous African
    1904 Nancy Carroll NYC, actress (Alice-Aldrich Family)
    1905 Tommy Dorsey Mahanoy Plane PA, orchestra leader (Stage Show, Mahogany)
    1917 Indira Gandhi Allahabad India, Indian PM (1966-77, 1980-84)
    1919 Alan Young England, actor (Time Machine, Wilbur Post-Mr Ed)
    1919 George Fenneman Peking China, TV announcer (You Bet Your Life)
    1921 Roy Campanella Brooklyn Dodger catcher (NL MVP 1951/53/55)
    1926 Jeane J Kirkpatrick US ambassador to UN (R)
    1933 Larry King radio talk show host "143 Arivadechi" (Larry King Show)
    1935 John F Welch Jr Salem MA, CEO (GE)
    1936 **** Cavett Kearney NB, talk show host (**** Cavett Show)
    1938 Ted Turner broadcasting mogul/owns (Atlanta Braves)/won America's Cup
    1939 Garrick Utley Chicago IL, newscaster (1st Tuesday, NBC Weekend)
    1941 Dan Haggerty Hollywood CA, actor (Grizzly Adams)
    1942 Calvin Klein fashion designer (Calvin Klein Jeans)
    1942 Soviet counterattack at Stalingrad
    1947 Bob Boone San Diego, catcher (Phillies, Angels)
    1949 Ahmad Rashad (Bobby Moore) NFL receiver (Minnesota Vikings)/sportscaster
    1949 Mickey Lee Davis Jr Tennessee, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
    1954 Kathleen Quinlan Mill Valley Cal, actress (Rose Garden, Twilight Zone)
    1956 Glynis O'Connor NYC, actress (California Dreaming, Ode to Billy Joe)
    1956 Scott Jacoby Chicago IL, actor (Bad Ronald, Return to Horror High)
    1957 Kathy Sanborn WBL guard (NY Stars)
    1957 Otis J Anderson NFL running back (NY Giants, 1990 Superbowl MVP)
    1957 Sharon Farrah WBL guard (NY Stars)
    196? Matt Sorum rock drummer (Guns 'n' Roses)
    1960 "Lovely" Elizabeth Frankfurt KY, WWF's 1st lady of wrestling
    1961 Meg Ryan Bethel CT, actress (When Harry Met Sally, As the World Turns)
    1962 Jodie Foster Bronx NYC, actress (Taxi Driver, Accused)
    1963 Justine Greiner Boston MA, playmate (February, 1984)
    1963 Terry Farrell Cedar Rapids Iowa, actress (Laurie-Paper Dolls)
    1969 Sarka Lukesov 1st playmate in Czechoslovkian Playboy (May, 1991)
    1969 Pelè scores 1,000th goal
    1977 Sadat visits Israel

    Deaths which occurred on November 19:
    1828 Franz Schubert Austrian composer, died
    1887 Emma Lazarus US poet ("Give us your tired & poor"), dies in NY at 38
    1971 Bill Stern sportscaster (Saturday Night Fights), dies at 64
    1985 Stepin Fetchit 1st black star, dies of pneumonia at 83
    1988 Christine Onassis heiress, dies of heart failure at 37

    Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

    The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
    You should check these guys out


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      I'm not sure who/what shares my birthday, besides one of my friends. My birthday is 420!!!!


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        John Elway
        (June 28th)


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          i remember seeing a list of people that shared my b-day and i also remember being unimpressed.

          it is the name of a band though, 3-11

          on a funny tangent, my birthweight was 7-11

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