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A fourth bar for LordTrychon

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  • A fourth bar for LordTrychon

    Wow you're a fast mover. It's only three weeks since your third. Must be all the tips you're getting for your excellent service at the cafe. Congrats Trychon! Meet you in the cafe to celebrate. This one's on me!

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    Congrats to you Trychon. Well you are moving on up to the eastside. With a deluxe apt in the sky.
    The only sith I like.
    (You must be putting an ol Jedi mind trick on the peoples).
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      Your racking them up, congrats Trychon.

      Broncs All the Way Baby!


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          I have this uncontrollable urge to congratulate you and give you cp...........must....fight...the...power of the....Sith lord........

          Ah ha, congrats friend. As you've said to me time and again, not surprising you are moving so fast. One of the coolest Sith lords I know....the only one I know actually......

          Keep it up and you'll be wining and dining in the locker room in no time!


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            Congrats Trychon!!



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              Way to go LT!!

              I'd try to come with another little Sith, lol, bit, but I just wanna say that I'm glad your here. Keep us the good posting! Your a positive contributor, and we need more like you!


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                Congrats to you....
                Tony G

                The Chefs


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                  geez...I just posted in his other thread a little while ago....



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                    Hey guys, thank you all...

                    Pleasant surprise... a long week of paperwork... (new years is no longer a good thing... means paperwork)... and yet I moved from 250 to 300 this week. I think I needed these boards and especially ABF this week, between stress at work and a sad loss on sunday.

                    It's a great feeling to have to come into work on a Sat. (I'm not supposed to) but to find that I've crossed that next threshold... I want to be in the locker room next year!

                    I couldn't do this without your help, and your susceptability to my mind tricks!

                    Thanks again to all of you, you guys help keep me sane during the week, and come football season, it's you guys that have me so hyped up over the weekend games... ready to analyse postseason implications in week one...

                    Here's to a great offseason on the boards getting ready for our superbowl run next season!


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                      Also... I've decided to not use evil tricks for the next week and I'll sport a less intimidating Avatar for the time being.


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                        Originally posted by LordTrychon
                        I want to be in the locker room next year!
                        Next year...!?!? You'll be there next month at this pace, lol.


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                          --- i was beginning to wonder if you were a shape-shifter also ---

                          --- everytime i saw your av it was different ---

                          --- so i stared at it for a while, hoping to catch it changing ---

                          --- sure enough, i fell asleep, and when i awoke ---

                          --- your av changed again !!!

                          --- Congrats on your promotion !!!

                          --- --- ---

                          May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
                          The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing
                          My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe


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                            Congrats to you Trychon! My favourite Cafe assistant!
                            President of the GPA, Head of Mainland Europe Chapter

                            formerly Officially Adopted by saltybuggah
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                            I have been adopted by Chris Wade


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                              congratz sith lord

                              RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!!!!!!!!
                              the space that is mine

                              We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon: